The Yas Park Gate is a lavish residential project that features an exclusive collection of 500 homes in the Mediterranean-stylish design varying into Two & Three-bedroom townhouses and stand-alone Villas with four bedrooms, each with a private garden, while the villas with a private garden and swimming pool; these luxury units with deluxe facades and charming interior decoration are located in the heart of one of the most attractive and important tourist sites in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.

About Yas Park Gate By Aldar Properties

Yas Island is this world of magic, joy, and tranquility that embraces unique impressing nature covered with an impressive lush natural park filled with adventurous activities and entertainment for everyone and includes a picturesque sandy beach with a pure bright turquoise calm water and relaxing sound of waves.

It also includes the second largest covered entertainment city in the world, which is Ferrari World, not to mention the most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi in which they are located. So, the houses of Yas Park Gate will be in the middle of this extraordinary, breathtaking life of Yas Island.

Each unit is lucky with a captured view of vast green gardens, multiple parks, water bodies, flourishing spaces, and an integrated world of entertainment.

That means Yas Park Gate is a special private enjoying world amid the vibrant life of Yas Island, so the residents will relish two entertainment worlds; the first is private for the residents of Yas Park Gate, and the other is the magic of Yas Island, where the community is located.

How Is The Life At Yas Park Gate Amid Yas Island? Luxury at its best

Yas Park Gate is to find yourself living in the heart of a private piece of architectural art adorned by nature and bright and modern architectural designs. There are many residential compounds inside Yas Island World, but Yas Park Gate is really unique.

Each unit overlooks charming green nature and gardens that occupy most of the complex’s area, which reaches 225,000 square meters.

Yas Park Gate is designed amazingly with a blue water lake, a serene forest, an adventure playground, a dancing fountain, a community club, a shaded oasis, plus a central park for live activities. Residents of Yas Park Gate will also enjoy the community facilities designed for tennis, volleyball, football, paddle tennis, and basketball. It will also feature a skate park, cricket pitch, beach, bouncy park, and a small Golf court.

This compound provides an exclusive life full of entertainment, uniqueness, special amenities, and advantages that are hard to be found outside this community, and all are made for you to enjoy them privately while having easy access to the private beach of Yas Island, as well as other enviable lists of exclusive recreational facilities of the power-packed adventured world of Yas Island.

A few minutes far away from Yas Park Gate apartments, there is the great Yas Golf Course that charmingly overlooks the water’s edge and enjoyed stunning views of the Arabian Gulf; it is the first true golf course in the Middle East, and there is also Yas Bay, which contains restaurants and cafes at the a-class level overlooking the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. And other unique destinations like; Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Marina, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi, and Yas Mall.

Yas Park Gate provides a feeling of a holiday lifestyle all time while it is a place to live near all the practical destinations, including the schools, universities, workplaces, and others; it is a new kind of spirit.

Some Info About Yas Park Gate

  • The Name of the Project; Yas Park Gate.
  • About the Project; A complex residential offers a collection of deluxe units varying from townhouses and stand-alone villas with Mediterranean-stylish designs located in the heart of the top attraction site in the Emirates, Yas Island.
  • The Location of the Project; Yas Island,  Abu Dhabi.
  • The Area Size; A large space to accommodate this luxurious residential project with its 500 spacious units and endless amenities.
  • The Living Space; Starting from 1334.72 sq ft.
  • The Types of Units; Townhouses & Stand-alone Villas.
  • The Developer; Aldar properties.
  • The Methods of Payment; 10% booking.

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ياس بارك جيت Yas Park Gate Properties

Yas Park Gate Properties

About The Developer

Aldar is the developer of Yas Park Gate, One of the leading real estate companies in Abu Dhabi, which promotes innovation and creativity in the construction world, adopts the latest technological solutions, and applies artistic and inspired engineering standards, creating outstanding great commercial and residential, as well as hoteling projects.

Since its founding in 2005, Aldar Real Estate Development has set out to adorn the Abu Dhabi horizons with residential communities that draw a new concept of the building. Therefore, this company has a major role in upgrading the urban fabric of the capital, Abu Dhabi.

About The Most Famous Properties by Aldar Developer

The top project established by Aldar properties is Yas Island and all that it is, including residential communities, great malls, entertainment activities, and important tourist attractions; this project, “Yas Park Gate,” is one of them.

It also has established ingeniously;

  • Reem Island.
  • Alghadeer.
  • Alreeman.
  • Saadiyat Island.
  • Khalidiya Village.
  • Saadiyat Beach.

The Location of Yas Park Gate

It is placed on Yas Island, the most important tourist destination in Abu Dhabi.

Yas Park Gate is located across the road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, close to all destinations.

It is only 15 minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport and 15 minutes from Khalifa City.

The Amenities of this Splendid Community Located Amid Yas Island

  • Easy access to a private beach.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Infinity Pools, where the water flows from more than one edge.
  • Kids Play Area.
  • Kids Pools.
  • Restaurants with astonishing views and luxury decorations.
  • Private swimming pools.
  • Wide various flourishing gardens and vast greeny spaces.
  • Retail Outlets.
  • Charming blue water lake.
  • A serene forest.
  • Community club.
  • A shaded oasis.
  • Multiple water activities.
  • Security.
  • Playgrounds for tennis, volleyball, football, paddle tennis, and basketball.
  • A skate park, cricket pitch, bouncy park, and a small Golf court.
  • BBQ Areas.
  • Running Track.
  • Cycling Trails.
  • Garages that accommodate the largest possible number of cars.

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ياس بارك جيت Yas Park Gate Properties

Yas Park Gate Properties

The Advantages and Uniqueness of the Project

This luxurious residential complex is located in the heart of Yas Island, and therefore, there is a charming nature, an entertainment world, and a first-class tourist spot in Abu Dhabi surrounding it with its top attractions, including; Ferrari World, Yas Bay, Arabian Gulf, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Marina, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall, and Yas Beach.

Attractive nature, spacious gardens, and water bodies cover all parts of the project and most of its area, which includes all amenities and pleasure, to create a private oasis for the residents full of sophistication, tranquility, pleasure, and luxury.

The units vary from Townhouses and Villas with different spaces, and each distinguishes with fabulous views of the unique nature, deluxe interior decorations, and facades with stylish Mediterranean designs.

The Types of the Units

Townhouses with two / three bedrooms and stand-alone villas with four bedrooms.

Architecture and Design

The residential units lay in an attractive unparalleled engineering art with Mediterranean-styled facades on an area of approximately 20% of the project’s total area amid the vast green spaces and water lakes that take 80% of the project space.

The engineering design of the complex has achieved a unique harmony between nature and the residential units and created privacy between each unit and the other so that each inhabitant feels as if he/she is in the heart of his own world alone to enjoy all this.

Even residential units’ divisions are creative and luxurious, achieving the highest levels of comfort. Each unit includes a spacious dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. The first floor includes master rooms with attached bathrooms and closets.

The 4-bedroom villas include parking spaces and private swimming pools, in addition to a guest bathroom and a maid’s room with an attached bathroom.

The Size Of The Project

The size of Yas Park Gate has come too wide in order to accommodate about 500 units with various spaces and private gardens, in addition to the wide charming nature and the endless entertainment and service system provided to the residents of the complex, leading to the highest level of luxury and enjoyment.

The Living Space

  • The size of the 2-bedroom townhouses starts from 1334.72 sq. ft.
  •  The size of the 3-bedroom townhouses starts from 1,754.52 sq. ft.
  • And the size of the 4-bedroom villas starts from 2,260.42 sq. ft.

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ياس بارك جيت Yas Park Gate Properties

Yas Park Gate Properties

The Prices Of The Yas Park Gate Units

The price of two-bedroom units starts from AED 1,770,000, and the price of three-bedroom units starts from AED 2,138,000, while the price of four-bedroom units starts from AED 3,272,000.

The Methods of Payment

The client can pay a 10% down payment and 30% during construction to pay 60%  upon delivery.