Waves Residence is a distinguished residential project provided by the giant real estate developer Danube, which always and never provides its customers with outstanding residential projects in vital areas located within the emirate of Dubai. The company has chosen a privileged location for its waves residence project, as it is located in the Liwan area, which is close to the Dubailand area.

The project has a picturesque view of a lively community with many essential features and services and great entertainment activities. In addition, the company has been eager to provide a payment plan accessible to investors, business people, and individuals looking for a luxurious high-end life.

This is in addition to enjoying the presence of huge markets, which sell international brands, so this residential project is the perfect combination of high-end life full of exceptional means of pleasure.

About Waves Residence in Dubai

  • Project Name: Waves residence.
  • About the project: This unique residential project includes the best residential units with a charming view and integrated services.
  • Project Location: Wavez Residence is located in Liwan, In the emirate of Dubai.
  • Unit space: The unit space starts from 405.69 square feet.
  • Unit types: Large studio units and luxury residential apartments.
  • The name of the developer: Danube properties.
  • Payment systems: The reservation fee is only 10% of the unit price.

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ويفز ريزيدنس Wavez Residence

Waves Residence

About the developer of Waves residence in Dubai

Danube real estate development company’s goal since its inception in 1993 has been to go global. This has already been accomplished through the various real estate investment projects it has presented within the United Arab Emirates.

The success of these projects in the UAE, particularly in the emirate of Dubai, was the main reason for their expansion into different countries around the world, which extended to the continent of Asia and the entire Middle East region, so Danube real estate company became one of the international companies after its activity was only local. Moreover, during its success, the company was able to create many unique projects, which made it eligible to receive many awards and exceeded fifty Awards at the global and regional levels.

One of the most important awards received was for the quality of service in the use of building materials because the company understands that the success of a project begins with the help of building materials that meet international specifications, so Danube real estate development company deserved to be at the top of the UAE real estate market.

Previous work of Danube properties

Throughout its history, the company has presented numerous successful mega projects in Dubai, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Gemz.
  • Bayz.
  • Miracle Tower.
  • Jewelz Apartments.
  • Dreamz.
  • ⁠⁠⁠Resortz.

Location of Waves residence in Dubai

Danube Properties chose a very privileged location for its giant waves residence project, in the Liwan Dubailand area full of entertainment facilities, and was able to create the perfect mix, which includes stunning views due to its proximity to all vital areas.

It is only four minutes away from Dubai Oasis, a quarter-hour away from Dubai International Airport, and ten minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Road.

Features and services of Waves residence in Dubai

In order to create a new style of housing inside its distinctive waves residence tower, Danube real estate company has been keen to provide all the services and means that give the client peace and a sense of sophistication and luxury, and most important, services and features provided by the company are as follows:

  • Waves residence tower features stunning charming views and water bodies that are intended to add a noticeable and unique aesthetic touch to the project.
  • Expat clients who own any residential unit in the waves residence project will be granted permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Also, there are tennis courts, badminton courts, golf courses, and other amenities.
  • There is a particular barbecue area on the tower’s roof, which is outfitted with cutting-edge technology.
  • Danube is always keen to provide security and security on the property within its projects.
  • The tower is dedicated to children’s games, safe swimming pools, and technological games.
  • The real estate developer was also keen to allocate safe paths for the owners of the units to practice jogging and morning walking.
  • One of the essential aspects of Waves Residence is its location, which links all the surrounding entertainment areas.
  • Conference rooms with cutting-edge technology have also been provided.
  • There are several rooms dedicated to the operation of the sauna and Jacuzzi.
  • The tower also has a large swimming pool, which adds a charming touch to the project at night with its lovely lighting.
  • The tower’s lobby is distinguished by world-class design and the presence of reception staff for visitors.
  • The residential units also have a prayer area.

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ويفز ريزيدنس Wavez Residence

Waves Residence

Types of units in Waves residence in Dubai

The residential units within it have also diversified to include studio units with a large area and luxury residential apartments with one or more rooms, depending on the customer’s desire. The company has been eager to provide this variety of spaces to meet the desire of investors and customers to have a charming lifestyle inside Dubai, where the units start at 405.69 square feet.

Design of Waves residence in Dubai

The design of the Waves Residence Tower conveys the life of royalty to ordinary people in all of its details. In addition, the design reflects an apparent harmony between the charm of nature and the beauty of the design, so the design has a unique and unparalleled pleasure.

The company has been eager to provide the necessary space to achieve this elegant and luxurious appearance.

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ويفز ريزيدنس Wavez Residence

Waves Residence

Payment plan and prices for Waves residence in Dubai

Despite what its unique project, waves residence tower, contains, Danube real estate development company has set competitive prices with an instant payment system, where the price of a unit with an area of 405.69 square feet reached AED 380 thousand.

As for the residential unit with an area of 676.4 square feet, its price is AED 615 thousand,

Danube Properties offers a real investment opportunity for investors and expatriates so that they can own a residential unit enjoying a world of magic and luxury, and the payment plans and installment years are as follows:

  • The first installment is worth 10% of the total amount of the unit.
  • The client pays 1% in the second and 1% in the third.
  • The fourth and fifth payments are similar to the third in that the client pays only 1% of the remaining value.
  • The customer pays 10% of the remaining value in the sixth installment.
  • From the seventh to the tenth installment, the customer pays only 1% of the remaining value of the unit.
  • The customer pays only 7% in the eleventh installment, and from the twelfth installment to the fifteenth installment, the client pays only 1% monthly.
  • The sixteenth installment comes, and the client pays 7% of the remaining amount.
  • From the seventeenth to the twentieth installment, the customer pays only 1% of the remaining amount.
  • The customer also pays 50% of the remaining in the twenty-first installment.
  • The client pays a monthly installment of only 1% for fifty months from the twenty-second installment.