Resortz by Danube real estate development is a luxury project designed with the utmost international elegance. Danube company chose an excellent environment, which includes landscapes, to make the project come out with a world-class level, including premium residential units, in the Arjan area, full of green spaces and close to the best transportation networks in Dubai.

The developer company has focused in its project on being similar to one of the international residential communities through the splendor of the design of its front facades, all of which has been provided by the company with a set of competitive prices and payment systems like no other, thus providing a residential life in the form of a tourist resort, which includes all of the exceptional entertainment and essential services.

About Resortz by Danube

  • Project Name: Resortz by Danube real estate development
  • About the project: A world-class project on Dubai land in the Arjaan neighborhood, distinguished by high-quality services and exceptional ideal entertainment features.
  • Project Location: The project is located in the Arjan area of Dubai.
  • Project area: The project area is approximately 4 acres.
  • Unit space: The unit area starts from 926 square feet.
  • Unit types: Luxury residential apartments.
  • Cash unit price: Starts from AED 1,020,000.
  • The name of the developer: Danube real estate development company.
  • Payment systems: You can pay a 10% booking deposit.
  • Installment years: Extended up to 8 years before delivery and four years after delivery of units.

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ريزورتز من دانوب Resortz by Danube

Resortz by Danube

About the developer of Resortz by Danube

Since its inception in 1993, Danube International Real Estate Development Company has left numerous imprints on the real estate world in the United Arab Emirates. Through its residential projects, the company has succeeded in providing the luxury of living at a price that suits the average income.

As a result, anyone seeking new modern living in the heart of Dubai turned to own a residential unit from Danube projects. All the client has to do is look at Danube’s latest project and find what he’s looking for in terms of luxury, services, and the allure of the picturesque view.

Danube has become one of the most productive developers in the real estate field for outstanding projects in the emirate of Dubai, especially in the Al Furjan and others.

This company is no longer an ordinary commercial real estate company. Instead, it launched into the world and the international real estate market to occupy a global position in some other countries in Asia and the Middle East.

The company has presented over 21 projects, all of which fall into the first class of projects, including those ready to move and currently being built and delivered to customers soon.

All of the projects presented by Danube international real estate development company have the following characteristics in common:

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Selection of the ideal location
  • The setting of attractive prices
  • Provision of a modern life characterized by sophistication and luxury

Previous work of Danube Properties

  • Payz project.
  • DreamZ apartments.
  • Glatz Project.
  • Miraclz tower.

Location of Resortz by Danube

The Danube real estate development company has chosen a prime location near Miracle Park on Umm Suqeim Street in the Arjan area.

The project’s location is close to the recently opened Al Barsha Center.

Regarding nearby amenities, the Mall of the Emirates Metro station is only a few minutes away.

It is near Dubai International Airport and the region’s major shopping centers.

Services and features in Resortz by Danube

Danube real estate development company has provided services and features that make it feel proud when it offers a residential unit to its clients in its Resortz project from Danube. However, the most important things that the company has provided for this giant project are the following:

  • The main entrance to the residential units is distinguished by the magnificence of its design, which is in the universal style.
  • The Danube ResortZ project includes a series of green gardens, creating a charming natural view that pleases the beholder.
  • The developer company also has dedicated running tracks and morning walks.
  • There are sports clubs within the project that have playgrounds for practicing squash, golf, tennis, and badminton.
  • While developing its Danube project resortz, the company remembered to provide its customers with a suitable area for holding barbecues.
  • The entire project enjoys all the means of security and safety.
  • The children also enjoy the project; many areas are dedicated to them, containing multiple games, and all have been secured at the highest level.
  • Within the project is a large shopping center with shops selling international brands and malls selling all products.
  • The project provides expatriate unit owners permanent residency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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ريزورتز من دانوب Resortz by Danube

Resortz by Danube

Types of units in Resortz by Danube

The project contains 419 residential units of the luxury apartment type.

The company may divide for the client to include one to three rooms, each divisible internally, for the unit to have a prayer room, a room for sports such as mini golf, and other sports such as table tennis.

Design of Resortz project

The design of resortz from Danube international real estate stems from its name; its structure suggests a tourist resort, but through a residential project, so the developer was eager for the design to come out with this luxury and the pinnacle of entertainment, as he allocated enough space for him to build a lake in the center of the project with turquoise-blue water.

The company allocated 4 acres, with only 17% used for residential units and utilities. The rest was for turquoise water bodies and the charming green patch.

Florence’s Duomo area inspired the project’s design. The designer was particularly interested in a column surrounded by glass facades on the buildings from the outside, adding luxury and sophistication to them.

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ريزورتز من دانوب Resortz by Danube

Resortz by Danube

Prices for Resortz by Danube

The real estate development firm has set unbeatable prices for owning units within the Danube ResortZ project, believing that its customers deserve to own these exceptional units in every way, including design and services.

The unit’s price began with the cash payment system, which covers an area of 926.00 square feet to 1215.67 square feet, ranging from AED 1,020,000 to AED 1,145,000. The unit’s price with an area of 1,856.88 square feet is AED 1,632,000, with payment systems and installment years that were not less affordable than the spot payment prices.

Payment plan and payment methods

The first installment of 10% of the total unit price is due when signing a contract.

The second installment will begin when the customer receives his residential unit. He will then pay the remaining amount at 1% per month until he reaches the remaining 52% of the amount.