Petalz Apartments for those who desire to live in a luxurious unit at a reasonable price within the Emirate of Dubai, located in a highly distinguished area, Al Warisan, which is among the distinguished areas that Danube Real Estate Development Company has strived to launch its real estate project in.

The residential project, Petalz, has been distinguished by many features that have attracted customers towards this outstanding project, with its strategic location and affordable prices that are within everyone’s reach.

A brief about Petalz apartments

  • Project name: Petalz Apartments.
  • About the project: Exceptionally luxurious apartments featuring numerous exciting amenities and services.
  • Location: Al Warisan area in Dubai, Emirates.
  • Unit type: Luxurious residential apartments and studio units.
  • Unit size: Starting from 401 square feet.
  • Developing company: Danube Real Estate Development Company.
  • Payment systems: Diverse and flexible, starting from just a 1% booking advance payment.
  • Financing years: Long-term flexible financing options available.

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شقق بيتالز Petalz Apartments

Petalz Apartments

Brief about Danube Real Estate Development Company

Danube real estate development company, with a history stretching back to 1993, has as its first and last goal to target customers who aspire to a luxurious lifestyle but with average capabilities, thus many successful projects have been created which have achieved this goal, which is comfortable living and reasonable capabilities.

Dubai has been its headquarters since its inception, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have other branches in other countries. There are over nine countries in Asia and the Middle East that take the same importance and distinguished position in the real estate market.

The prior work of the real estate development company Danube

The company was able to achieve success in all of its projects it has created, making the company the epitome of confidence among real estate customers in Dubai.

Its projects not only provide dream homes, but also investment opportunities to people all around the world. Some of its most important projects are:

  • The Elitz Residences project is considered an addition to the Dubai real estate market. It is built in the best location with competitive prices and luxurious units.
  • Opalz is a project that offers a luxurious lifestyle, located in Dubai Science Park. The customer can live their dream life inside the apartment.
  • The exclusive Gemz project offers distinctive residential units in the Mount Ali region in Dubai.
  • The Skyz Residence project provides a new concept of stylish apartments with a breathtaking view.

Petalz apartments project’s location

The apartments in Petalz enjoy a perfect location in the Al Warisan area, as they are directly located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed street.

It’s worth mentioning that Al Warisan is a lively area in Dubai, making access to it extremely easy. It is also close to many recreational facilities, shopping centers, and medical centers.

Close locations near the apartment building project Petalz

The ideal location of Petalz apartments had many reasons because the project connects to many important live locations such as:

  • The project is fully located near Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • It’s only 7 minutes away from Dragon Mart and 10 minutes away from Dubai Safari.
  • The project is just 18 minutes away from the Burj Khalifa Tower.
  • It’s only 18 minutes away from the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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شقق بيتالز Petalz Apartments

Petalz Apartments

Services and amenities of Petalz apartments

Danube Real Estate Development Company always strives to ensure its projects are comprehensive in terms of services that provide comfort and entertainment, means is offer ultimate happiness to customers.

One of the most important things that has been prepared for the Petalz apartments project is as follows:

  • The medical services within the Petalz apartments are comprehensive, in terms of the efficiency of the doctors and also the sufficient number of medical units and pharmacies.
  • The security system within the fully integrated Petalz apartments project is taken over by one of the global Emirates companies and provides all the means that are not disclosed, due to its high sensitivity.
  • There is an open commercial area in the Petalz apartments project that includes a global mall exhibit.

space, design, and unit types within the Petalz Apartments project

If real estate development company Danube launches a new project, customers will be well informed about the design’s expertise, its beauty and enchanting views, as well as the exceptional services, whether they are investment or recreational and basic within the project, so the design of the Petalz apartments project is the best it can be.

The largest area of the vast area recorded by the company for the project has been exploited for the open view of the distinctive Worsan area, and the units within the project have been diversified to include luxurious studios and apartments.

شقق بيتالز Petalz Apartments

Petalz Apartments

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Prices, reservation systems, payment and installment plans for the Petalz apartments project

Danube Real Estate Development company has set a cash payment system for a group of prices for the ownership of units in Petalz  apartments, which does not accept competition, among other residential projects. The following has come:

  • The price of a unit with an area of 401 square feet started at 450,000 AED.
  • The value of a unit with an area of 649 square feet is 751,000 AED.
  • The price of a unit with an area of 1101 square feet is approximately 990,000 AED.

As for payment systems and installment years, the developer company has set them with a lot of flexibility and ease for all its customers, so that they can benefit the most from these competitive prices, which came as follows:

  • 0% payment upon contract signing in the installment system.
  • The first installment is collected three months after the contract date, provided the customer only pays 10% of the unit value.
  • The second installment comes on the 5th day of the first calendar month of 2023 and the customer pays 10% of the remaining total value.
  • The third installment comes on the 5th day of the third month of 2023 and the customer pays only 1% of the remaining value.
  • The fourth installment comes on the 5th day of the seventh month of 2025, which is 12% of the remaining value and the unit is delivered to the customer.
  • In the fifth installment, the customer pays 1% for 40 months, starting from the eighth month of 2025 until the 10th month of 2028.