Pearlz Apartments are a golden opportunity to get a perfect residential unit, with high investment, providing its customers with high profits, as this project implemented by Danube Real Estate Development Company, considered one of the huge projects, it has all the factors that put it ahead of the projects that resemble it.

Danube has chosen the great, excellent location developed by the company, and the amazing, lovely design, in addition to the presence of smooth payment systems, characterized by simplicity, all of this comes with a clear distinction in entertainment services, which exceeded the limits within the Pearlz apartments.

Overview of the Pearlz apartments project

  • Project Name: Pearlz apartments Project.
  • Project Overview: A residential complex featuring distinguished units, providing investment returns to its owners, with comprehensive services and recreational activities.
  • Project Location: The distinguished Farjan area.
  • Unit Types: Luxury and diverse residential apartments.
  • Unit Area: Starts from 390 square feet.
  • Developing Company: Danube Real Estate Development Company.
  • Unit Price (Cash): Starts from 490,000 AEd.
  • Payment Systems: Starts with only 10% down payment.

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شقق بيرلز Pearlz Apartments

Pearlz Apartments

Overview of Danube Real Estate Development Company

The real estate development company Danube was able to carve out a name for itself as a gold standard in the real estate world both within the United Arab Emirates and internationally.

So; it carefully selected the staff, whether from qualified engineers, or workers who work on project sites, all of this comes with the careful and ideal selection of materials that it uses in building its projects,

Danube Real Estate Company’s previous projects

  • Gemz apartments project, which is a distinct residential project integrated with basic services and infrastructure services
  • The distinguished project, Apartments Resorts, is a luxury residential project designed with international standards of architectural elegance, and includes a variety of luxury apartments.
  • Glitz Residence Sense project, which is one of the distinguished residential projects, was chosen by Danube Real Estate Development Company for a distinguished location, which is Dubai Sports City, to be a community for those who love sports, because the homeowner will find large sports places around him, and can enjoy all its services.

Location of the Pearlz apartments

The real estate development company Danube has chosen a distinguished location with calmness and serenity to establish its project, Pearlz  in Al-Furjan, which is at the heart of all the means that provide comfort and tranquility.

It is close to all medical services, as well as educational institutions, open shopping areas, and international cafes and restaurants.

And this reflects on the investment side of all properties contracted in this area, as we find that the Pearlz apartments project is not only a residential project, but also a commercial investment project that realizes benefits for unit owners.

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شقق بيرلز Pearlz Apartments

Pearlz Apartments

Design, Areas, Types and Units of the Pearlz apartments

Danube Real Estate Development Company always strives to implement its projects with just enough space to highlight the architectural design and also to use enough space for open gardens and lush green areas.

This is why the luxurious Pearlz apartments project was launched, showcasing comfort and creativity in design.

All units within the project enjoy a stunning view, and benefit from being located in the heart of Dubai, specifically in the Al Furjan area.

The units within the project are diverse, including studio apartments with one room, as well as others with two rooms.

Services and Features of the Pearlz apartments

Danube Real Estate Development Company has set up an exceptional set of entertainment and basic services for customers, so they can enjoy this unique experience of a luxurious life in Dubai.

Which are the follow:

  • All units enjoy the presence of the beach, which is privately owned, and is the public beach in Jumeirah.
  • A project operates on a smart system, through the provision of a special application for the Pearlz apartments, which is installed on smartphones.
  • The integrated security and surveillance system within the Pearlz apartments.
  • Danube Real Estate’s eagerness to create a comprehensive sports club that includes spaces to accommodate all sports practices.
  • Inside each residential unit within the Pearls apartments project, there is a room designated for prayer and study, as well as the nanny, which are rooms that can be divided into one-room units.

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شقق بيرلز Pearlz Apartments

Pearlz Apartments

Prices and reservation, payment and installment systems for the Pearlz apartments

The prices of owning residential units in the Pearlz’s apartments were surprising to customers, considering the project includes all services, whether recreational or basic, and the prices are affordable for everyone.

The prices have come as follows:

  • The unit price for an area of 390 square feet starts from 490,000 AED.
  • The unit price for an area ranging from 1044 to 1046 square feet starts from 862,000 to 872,000 AED.
  • As for the unit with an area of 1139 square feet, its price ranges from  1,220,000 to 1,277,00 AED.

Regarding payment plans and installment systems, there are flexible non-equal installments, as follows:

  • 10% is paid at the time of booking and choosing the residential unit.
  • The second installment of 1% of the total unit price is paid from May 22 to July 22.
  • The third installment starts from August 22 and the customer pays 5% of the remaining value.
  • Payment of 1% of the remaining value will be made as the fourth installment from September 22 to January 23.
  • The fifth installment comes on February 23 and the client will pay 5% of the remaining value.
  • The client will pay 1% of the remaining value as the sixth installment starting from March 23 to January 24 of next year.
  • The seventh installment will begin on February 24, and the client will pay 2% of the remaining value.
  •  The client will pay 1% of the remaining value in the eighth installment, which begins on the 24th of the third month of the year and continues until November, specifically until the 24th.
  • The client will pay the ninth installment upon delivery of the residential unit, on December 24th.
  • The final installment will come after delivering the residential unit in forty months, and the client will pay 1% as the final value of the unit price.