Opalz Apartments are high-profit investment projects, especially if the investment is located in Dubai. Opalz is a fantastic project offered by the large real estate development company, Danube, which is considered one of the top developers in the United Arab Emirates, these apartments are of the freehold type, which has many investment advantages.

The project is located in a distinctive place, the Science Building in Dubai Emirate, which is close to important global faces, outstanding recreational activities, represented by major shopping centers, transportation and easy roads, in addition to providing all educational and medical services.

Overview of the Opalz Apartments project

  • Project name: Opalz Apartments.
  • Project Overview: A residential project with an excellent design and luxurious finishing, complemented by essential services and affordable prices.
  • Project Location: Science Center, Dubai Emirate.
  • Unit Types: Luxury apartments and studio units.
  • Unit Area: Starts from 375 square feet.
  • Developing Company: Danube Real Estate Development Company.
  • Unit Cash Price Starts From: 525,000 AED.
  • Payment Systems: Multiple, starting from only 10% down payment.

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شقق أوبالز Opalz Apartments

Opalz Apartments

Real Estate Development Company Danube

The distinguished real estate development company, Danube, has occupied the top position since its establishment in 1993 in Dubai.

The company was able to move towards the world of success in many other countries around the world, and was able to transform from a local real estate development company to a global company.

Through this, it established a large number of important projects, which enabled her to receive many international and local awards.

For example, received awards for the quality of building materials and construction, which led to the establishment of Danube Building Materials Company.

The company also received the best interior designs for its residential projects.

The company has established Danube Home Furniture, a retail and wholesale furniture company with multiple branches in various countries such as Bahrain, India, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, and also encouraged the Danube Real Estate Development to set up a specialized company in producing facades materials for residential units and factories.

Previous work of the Real Estate Development Company Danube

The company was able to implement many upscale, luxurious projects that provide customers with everything they need in terms of residential units, some of the most prominent of which are:

  • Merkalz tower considered one of the remarkable projects, is a stunning residential tower, added to the beauty of Dubai’s emirate, and boasts a luxurious attractive area.
  • Miracles Tower, which is considered one of the wonderful projects, because it is a high-rise residential tower, which added to the beauty of the Emirate of Dubai, and enjoys a high-end attractive area.

Area, design and types of units in the Opalz Apartments

The design of the Opalz apartments p came out charmingly in line with the successful investment idea, and also to offer customers impressive housing units, so the project came out in an amazing way that combines elegant European style and luxury units.

The developer has set up a huge space to accommodate the project, which consists of 4 frequent towers, placed in a circular shape, combining them from the top with an engineering shape that indicates luxury and sophistication.

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شقق أوبالز Opalz Apartments

Opalz Apartments

The location of the Opalz apartments

The real estate development company Danube chose an ideal location for the establishment of its distinguished project, Opalz apartments, as it is located in the Science Park in the Emirate of Dubai, which makes access to and exit from it very easy,

Places near the Opalz apartments

  • The Opalz apartments project is only 13 minutes away from Jumeirah Village Circle.
  • The project is close to the international airport in the Emirate of Dubai, with a distance of only 24 minutes.
  • Only 20 minutes separates the project from Dubai Marina.
  • The project is located near the Emirates International Golf Club, with a distance of only 12 minutes.

Services and features of the Opalz project

The developer, was keen to provide an amazing set of basic services and exceptional features, so that its distinguished project would be the first attraction for investors from all over the world as well as individuals who aspire to a life of luxury and sophistication, for example:

  • The Opalz apartments has a large number of retail shops, to give an exception to the buying experience within the project.
  • Danube Real Estate Development Company did not disclose the security systems and precautions to achieve the element of safety within the compound, but it announced that the system was managed by an international French company.
  • The project provided permanent residence service in Dubai when owning units for non-residents in the United Arab Emirates.

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شقق أوبالز Opalz Apartments

Opalz Apartments

Prices and reservation, payment and installment systems for the Opalz apartments project

Danube Real Estate Development and Investment Company was keen to provide prices on the immediate payment system that do not accept competition from other companies, which evaluate the same type of residential projects in the Emirate of Dubai, while offering amazing discounts to customers when contacting and contracting, which takes place immediately and for free. Instant payment is as follows:

  • The price of the unit, whose area ranges from 375 square feet to 540 square feet, starts from 525,000 up to 630,000 AED.
  • Unit prices start from 723 square feet up to 786 square feet, from 850,000 up to 910,000 AED.
  • The immediate payment prices for spaces ranging from 1011 square feet to 2254 square feet varied from 1,200,000 to 2,200,000 AED.
  • For units whose area starts from 2960 square feet up to 2419 square feet, the value of the immediate payment system starts from 2,600,000 and reaches up to 2,800,000 AED.
  •  The prices of the units, which have an area of ​​2,666 square feet, are 3,200,000 AED.

The company has also set unbeatable prices with the installment system, which started from paying an installment amounting to 10% of the total total for the residential unit.

As for the installment years, the company did not disclose them, because this depends on the distinctive view of the residential unit.