Olivz Apartments is A luxurious residential project complete with services in a charming and upscale location.

Danube Real Estate Development has launched a new masterpiece called Olivz apartments.

The company has chosen a prime location in the vibrant Warsan area, which is filled with exceptional recreational activities.

The company has provided a cash price that is suitable for those with moderate income, in addition to providing payment plans that are characterized by ease and flexibility.

The Olivz apartments is distinguished by its luxurious world-class design, reflecting the level befitting the global name of Danube.

The project is suitable for all segments of society, as it offers a variety of spaces, along with direct access to all the basic services needed for modern life in Dubai.

overview of the Olivz apartments project

  • Project name: Olivz apartments.
  • Project overview: A luxurious residential project complete with services in a charming and upscale location.
  • Project location: Warsan area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Unit types: Studio units, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Total unit area: Starting from 631.41 square feet.
  • Developer: Danube Real Estate Development.
  • Cash unit price: Starting from 535,000 AED.
  • Payment plans: Variable and characterized by ease.
  • Installment years: Extended up to 5 years after unit delivery.

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شقق أوليفز Olivz Apartments

Olivz Apartments

overview of Danube Real Estate Development company

Danube Real Estate Development’s primary and ultimate goal is the middle-income client. It is undeniable that during the company’s thirty-year journey, it has achieved this goal by providing customers with luxurious and upscale living despite their limited resources.

Therefore, the company has been able to build a base of loyal customers from all over the world who trust the company’s projects, regardless of their financial capabilities.

Thanks to this strategy and the well-thought-out steps of Danube Developments, the company has been able to become global rather than just local in the United Arab Emirates.

Previous projects of Danube Real Estate Development

Despite the various features that each project executed by Danube in the UAE carries, they all share one characteristic, which is the quality of construction materials used, along with the charm and splendor of design.

Perhaps some of the most important projects that Danube Real Estate company has executed are as follows:

Bayz Apartments

The name of this residential project shone brightly among Danube’s customers because it presented them with a magnificent residential architectural masterpiece that reflected the beauty and elegance of life.

Danube International chose the prominent area of Dubai’s Business Bay for this outstanding project, which is well-known and rich in attractions.

Moreover, Danube International did not stop there and included several recreational amenities for the owners of the units within this exceptional project.

Pitalz apartments

Danube properties launched this project for those seeking luxury and sophistication in Dubai, especially in the Warsan area.

The project stands out with its stunning design and high-quality finishes, making comfort and luxury the hallmark of this project.

Miraclz Tower

Danube properties has developed its project, the Miracles Tower, to reflect its name. It is one of the towering residential buildings that has added an aesthetic touch to the skyline of Dubai.

The company has chosen the distinguished Arjan area for it, which is located next to the famous Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Olivz apartments location’s

Danube properties was keen to choose an exceptional location for its charming Olivz apartments, which is directly connected to key landmarks in the Emirate of Dubai.

They chose the Warsan area to be close to the wonderful luxury life, as this community enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and provides all exceptional services that enable individuals to move to a higher level regardless of their financial capabilities.

Among the important nearby places to the project are the following:

  • Olivz apartments are just a few minutes away from Dragon Mart, which is the largest Chinese commercial center established in the region.
  • The project is also just two minutes away from Ras Al Khor, which is one of the most vibrant industrial areas in Dubai.
  • The project is also close to open markets, which include City Center, Downtown, Mushrif Park, and others.

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شقق أوليفز Olivz Apartments

Olivz Apartments

Services and features of Olivz apartments project include

Danube Developments has provided a range of means for its luxurious Olivz apartments, giving clients a sense of comfort and exceptional services and features, in addition to the aforementioned location.

All services are of international quality and type. Among the most important things the company has provided are the following:

  • The project boasts hotel-like entrances with luxurious seating areas and reception staff to guide clients to their desired floor.
  • The project also includes comprehensive medical services, including hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies, along with an on-duty doctor available in the building’s lobby throughout the day.
  • The project also features a huge park in the center, including parks and seating areas, for enjoying the charming nature and stunning views.

Design, Space and Types of Units within Olivz apartments Project

The design of Olivz apartments is considered one of the most luxurious designs executed by the real estate development company Danube.

It is an ideal design for global living on Arab land, and the company has provided this masterpiece with the necessary space to accommodate water bodies, green areas, and internal division of the project.

The units inside the project varied to include non-partitioned studio units and luxurious residential apartments that contain one or two bedrooms.

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شقق أوليفز Olivz Apartments

Olivz Apartments

The prices, reservation systems, and payment plans for Olivz apartment project

  • The price of a residential unit that starts from 631.41 square feet to 638.95 square feet ranges from 535,000 AED to  540,000 AED.
  • The price of a unit that starts from 935.06 square feet to 935.38 square feet ranges from  735,000 AED to 738,000 AED.
  • The down payment for the first installment is 10% of the total amount.
  • For the second and third installments, the customer pays 1% of the remaining amount.
  • The customer pays 6% of the remaining amount in the fourth installment.
  • In the fifth, sixth, and seventh installments, the customer only pays 1% of the remaining amount.
  • The customer pays 6% of the remaining amount in the eighth installment.
  • In the ninth, tenth, and eleventh installments, the customer pays only 1% of the remaining amount.
  • In the twelfth installment, the customer pays 10% of the remaining amount to own the residential unit.
  • The customer pays 40% of the remaining amount in the thirteenth installment and waits until the completion of the project.
  • After the completion of the project, the customer pays the fourteenth installment of 1% and continues to pay it for up to sixty months.