The Miraclz Tower is one of the luxurious and distinctive towers in Dubai, and it was implemented by the real estate development company, Danube International.

It is one of the tallest towers in Dubai and is characterized by several features such as its prime location, as it is located in the vibrant and upscale area of Arjan.

The tower contains several luxurious residential units equipped with all the necessary facilities for upscale living, as well as several integrated services according to the requirements of modern life for exceptional service.

Brief overview of the Miraclz Tower project

  • Project Name: Miraclz Tower.
  • Overview: Miraclz Tower is a massive residential tower located in the prestigious Arajan area of Dubai, offering a wide range of luxurious amenities and features for its residents and visitors.
  • Location: Arjan area, Dubai.
  • Unit Types: Luxury apartments and studios.
  • Unit Size: 404.40 square feet.
  • Developer: Danube Properties, a leading real estate development company.
  • Cash Price: Starting from 540,000 AED.
  • Payment Plans: Varied.
  • Installment Years: Extended up to 5 years after the delivery of the residential unit.

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برج ميراكلز Miraclz Tower

Miraclz Tower

Who is the real estate development company responsible for the development of the Miraclz Tower

Danube Properties is a large real estate and investment company in the United Arab Emirates, operating in the field of real estate and property development since 1993.

It is one of the leading companies in advanced modern real estate in the entire UAE.

The company has long-term experience in many large real estate investments and diverse assets that it owns.

Danube Real Estate Development Company operates in various real estate fields, such as commercial and residential properties, private and public properties, which were established in the United Arab Emirates.

The previous projects of Danube Properties

  • The Dreamz Apartments project

is one of the luxurious residential projects, which includes more than 170 high-end residential units, each of which includes a spacious area that is sufficient to divide it into three or four rooms.

  • Rezorts Project

This project is located in the heart of Al Furjan, which means that it is only a few minutes away from the center of Al Barsha. Here, the genius of Danube Company in choosing the location is evident.

  • Bayz Apartments

This is a distinctive and unique project, in which the developer has implemented units in a new and unique way.

The project is located in the Business Bay area, overlooking the Khalifa’s tower and the Dubai Water Canal,

with all units having a beautiful view of this scenery. It is worth mentioning that the project is inspired by the Italian style of buildings, and as usual, Danube Company has ensured the provision of all exceptional recreational services necessary for this project.

The location of the Miraclz Tower project

Danube Real Estate Development company has chosen an ideal location for its distinctive project, Miraclz Tower, in the distinguished Al Furjan area, which is located in front of the Dubai International City for Cars and on Amman Street, bringing it closer to major roads such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

This provides the owners of the units with easy access to the Dubai Miraclz Garden, as well as the opportunity to enjoy all the services of the huge Mall of the Emirates and a large collection of key landmarks in Dubai.

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برج ميراكلز Miraclz Tower

Miraclz Tower

Services and features of the Miracle Tower

The real estate development company, Danube, made sure to provide all services and features, whether infrastructure services or basic services, to anyone who owns a residential unit within the Miraclz Tower project. Among the most important of these services are the following:

  • The implementation of all residential units using the modern system, which is the convertible space. This means that the bedroom can be transformed into a living room, so that all furniture works on an exchange system.
  • The most important service provided by the company within the Miraclz Tower is the security and guarding services that are managed by a global company that takes into account the smallest details of the safety and security of the residents.
  • All unit owners can obtain everything they want from international goods and products, through the large malls spread around the tower, as well as the commercial shops located within the tower.
  • Inside Miraclz Tower, there is integrated medical care, which includes the presence of a health center and a doctor on call throughout the night.
  • The Miraclz Tower is distinguished by a large entrance designed in the shape of a hotel lobby, and it contains six elevators that operate with the latest technology.
  • All units enjoy central air conditioning with air purification service, both in summer and winter.
  • Unit owners have access to high-speed internet and centralized satellite television throughout the day.

Design, space and types of units within the Miracles Tower

The design of the Miraclz project was created to align with the unique concept of luxury and sophistication.

The project included enough space to execute this unique concept and was implemented with enough area to consist of 365 studio units.

In addition, there are 132 single-room residential units, as well as 64 residential units that can be divided into two rooms.

It is worth mentioning that all units are delivered fully furnished, along with garden facilities and luxurious finishing, with an interior design and luxurious fixtures that are supported by the latest technology.

The developing company took into consideration that customers’ tastes are always different, as some prefer wide space and others prefer just enough space. Therefore, the company has provided spaces that are suitable for different customers’ preferences.

The unit’s space starts from 404.40 square feet, and the customer has the freedom to divide this space into one, two, or three rooms according to their needs.

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برج ميراكلز Miraclz Tower

Miraclz Tower

Prices of units in Miraclz Tower

The developer has set unbeatable prices for owning a residential unit in Miraclz Tower, with the starting price for a unit with instant payment being 540,000 AED.

As for the payment plans and reservation systems, they are as follows:

Payment and installment systems for the Miraclz Tower project

  • 40% is paid when the construction work is completed.
  • The second installment is paid after the project is fully built and continues for up to 60 months, with the same amount paid each month, which is 1% of the unit’s value.