Marina Shores Apartments provide a luxurious lifestyle directly on the Dubai Marina. You can enjoy direct views of the sea and its refreshing atmosphere surrounded by greenery and palm trees. These luxury units have attractive interior design and modern decorations, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows to show you the charm of the Dubai Waterfront and green areas in harmony with this marine nature, achieving a unique scene while you are at a high altitude that allows you to reveal the magnificent Dubai Marina skyline.

This luxurious residential complex is located in one of the most critical areas of the emirate of Dubai, connected to the rest of the city, bringing residents closer to all of their destinations. It features direct access to the Dubai Marina Promenade, as well as being surrounded by a world full of world-class amenities and fun.

About Marina Shores at Dubai Marina

  • Project Name: Marina shores apartments.
  • About the project: A luxury residential tower is one of the most prestigious residential complexes in the emirate of Dubai; located directly on the marina and enjoys a magnificent sea view affecting the eyes and souls, with external destinations with luxurious modern architectural designs and luxurious interiors, and a high-level service system; this residential complex has achieved a life of unparalleled luxury.
  • Project Location: Marina Shores Dubai apartments are directly on the Dubai Marina.
  • Project area: the project extends over 50 million square feet with a 3.5-kilometer waterfront.
  • Unit space: starting from 745 square feet.
  • Unit types: Apartments with one room and a lounge, two rooms and a lounge, three and four rooms, a lounge, and a penthouse.
  • The name of the developer: Emaar Properties.
  • Payment systems: Booking fees start from 10% of the unit price.

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شقق مارينا شورز Marina shores Apartments

Marina shores Apartments

About the developer of marina shores at Dubai marina

From the moment you step foot in Dubai, you will notice a plethora of entertainment destinations, luxury hotels, luxury residential complexes with charming designs, and exceptional shopping destinations that will captivate and fascinate you with the beauty of their exterior designs and interiors, the majority of which have become tourist destinations in Dubai; all of these architectural masterpieces bear the name of Emaar real estate development company.

Emaar is known for pushing the boundaries of imagination in project design and for its commitment to unrivaled quality in architecture and construction; it not only adheres to international quality standards, but it is the one that invents those engineering creations to become the destination followed by international real estate developers to achieve success.

Previous work of Emaar Properties

  • Park Horizon in Dubai Hills estate.
  • Farm Gardens at the Valley Dubai.
  • Seascape Rashid yacht marina.
  • The Cove Dubai creek.

Location of marina shores at Dubai marina

Marina Shores Apartments have come to occupy the best location within Dubai, right on the marina, with the most prominent landmarks of Dubai surrounding you, most notably the Burj Khalifa, which is only 20 minutes away.

Marina Shores Apartments are also near luxury shopping malls. Moreover, they are only 10 minutes from the city center and 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

Services in marina shores at Dubai marina

Marina Shores Tower has a unique service system that embodies the art of a high-end lifestyle that enjoys the highest levels of entertainment and relaxation; it provides residents with everything and includes the following services:

  • Gardens and parks with charming green nature right in the port of Dubai, where you can enjoy the sea view.
  • Schools and a university that provide residents with a high level of Education.
  • A police station and a 24-hour security system with advanced surveillance cameras.
  • The fire station is equipped with the highest sensors.
  • A luxurious commercial area.
  • There are also medical centers and hospitals equipped at the highest level.
  • An area for restaurants and cafes with a sea view that varies to suit different tastes.
  • A private swimming pool and health club with sauna and steam for the residents.
  • There is also a marina and Yacht Club.
  • Tennis courts.

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شقق مارينا شورز Marina shores Apartments

Marina shores Apartments

Features of marina shores at Dubai marina

  • Creative luxury architectural designs that catch the eye with their beauty and brilliance, including residential units of various sizes.
  • A hotel service system that brings pleasure, luxury, and relaxation.
  • Direct access to the promenade with the presence of an entertainment system is intended only for residents of this tower.
  • Ultra-stylish and beautiful interior design with a panorama view.
  • Quality in construction.
  • A prime location in the heart of Dubai, making residents close to all their destinations.

Types and area of units in marina shores at Dubai marina

Marina Shores Dubai apartments range from one, two, three, four, and up to five-bedroom apartments and luxury penthouses.

  • The studio (one-bedroom apartment) ranges from 745 to 878 square feet.
  • The two-room apartment ranges in size from 1113 to 1224 square feet.
  • The three-room unit ranges in size from 1541 to 1848 square feet.
  • The four-bedroom Marina Shores Apartments range from 2410 to 2749 square meters.
  • The 5-bedroom apartments begin at 8,161 square feet in size.

Design of marina shores at Dubai marina project

This luxurious residential tower with modern architecture and international specifications combined with artistic touches shines like a shining jewel on the Dubai Sea, reaching a height of 53 floors and containing approximately 437 residential units of various sizes and designs distinguished by their uniqueness with exceptional, innovative decorations.

The area of marina shores at the Dubai marina project

Marina Shores occupies a vast space that accommodates the enormity of this luxury residential complex located on the Dubai Marina, its luxury units, and its integrated service system; this area has reached 50 million square feet with a 3.5-kilometer waterfront.

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شقق مارينا شورز Marina shores Apartments

Marina shores Apartments

Prices for marina shores at Dubai marina

Marina Shores Apartment prices are competitive and vary depending on the unit size.

  • The price of studios starts from AED 1,500,000 to AED 1,900,000.
  • The price of a two-bedroom unit starts from AED 2,560,000 to AED 3,410,000.
  • The price of a three-room unit starts from AED 3,350,000 to AED 8,000,000.
  • The price of a four-room unit starts from AED 6,820,000 to AED 8,000,000.
  • Prices for five-bedroom Marina Shores Dubai apartments start from AED 20,580,000.

Payment plan and payment methods

Emaar has introduced a convenient payment system for various customers, in which the customer can pay a 10% reservation fee, then the first and second installments worth 10% of the unit price, the third installment worth 5%, the installments from the fourth to the seventh worth 10%, the eighth installment worth 5%, and the ninth and final installment worth 20%.