Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate is one of the most critical and luxurious residential complexes launched by Emaar, the largest real estate developer in the Middle East with records in the world of construction and developer of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa; here in the lime garden you can enjoy the embrace of charming nature and the warmth and luxury of innovative architecture, this elegant residential complex located in the center of Dubai Hills estate that is called the green heart of Dubai.

With a beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline, enjoy the unique and new lifestyle located in the lime garden while surrounded by breathtaking nature, various greens, and parks that harmonize with the high-end architecture of residential units and elegant multi-space apartments; as if lime Garden came to play a symphony of creativity, the splendor of landscapes and the attractiveness of modern designs.

Owning a residential unit in Lime Garden in Dubai Hills Estate transports you to a different world that exceeds all levels of luxury within Dubai and its other residential complexes in terms of charm and luxury.

About Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

  • Project Name: lime garden in Dubai hills estate.
  • About the project: An exceptional residential complex in every way; it enjoys extraordinary landscapes and luxurious life with a service system at the highest level.
  • Project Location: It is in the heart of Dubai Hills Estate, just 12 minutes from Dubai’s center.
  • Project area: A vast territory flooded with green spaces dominated by beautiful nature.
  • Unit space: The unit space starts from 645 square feet.
  • Unit types: opulent studios and apartments with distinct designs, ranging from two to three rooms.
  • The name of the developer: Emaar properties.
  • Payment systems: The reservation fee is only 10% of the unit price.

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لايم جاردن في دبي هيلز استيت Lime Garden

Lime Garden

Living in lime Garden Dubai is more than just a place to live; it is a fulfilling life amid a refreshing nature with exceptional views in its beauty and splendor that achieves psychological comfort in a luxury community with an unrivaled service system while enjoying luxurious interiors in your residential unit with unique views in line with the charm of the architecture and its modern styles realized in the external facades.

Every morning, you will wake up to stunning green views and immerse yourself in a comfortable life within a chic community surrounded by greenery.

Lime Garden consists of luxury towers that rise to 23 floors and have direct access to Dubai Hills Park, that charming green world in Dubai; the opportunity to own a unit inside these towers is exceptional because what Lime Garden offers, located in the heart of Dubai Hills estate is difficult to replicate.

About the developer of lime garden project in Dubai

Lime Garden Dubai Hills Estate is developed and owned by Emaar Developments, a company that has set global construction and urban development records.

Its history is adorned with the execution of the highest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, which has achieved unparalleled architectural creativity and engineering measurements worldwide.

Also, Emaar designed the world’s longest outdoor swimming pool at the beach resort.

Its architectural architecture is characterized by luxury, creativity, and unparalleled sophistication; due to this architectural creativity, it has received several awards.

For her design of a hotel in Dubai, she received a global award for the best luxury hotels in 2019. Emaar has redefined the lifestyle concept and achieved boundless luxury through its unique architectural projects.

Emaar is also known for her commitment to completing her projects on time and to the exact specifications agreed upon, which earned her the “world retail awards” for best customer experience in 2019.

Previous work of Emaar Properties

  • Park horizon in Dubai Hills estate.
  • Farm Gardens in the Valley.
  • The cove Dubai Creek.
  • The residence in Downtown Dubai.
  • Seascape in Rashid yacht marina.

Location of Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

The residential complex lime Garden Dubai is located in Dubai Hills Estate; it’s just 12 minutes from the downtown area, 20 minutes from Dubai Marina and its magnificent marine nature, 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, and 15 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport.

Furthermore, the lime garden is located in the heart of Dubai’s green hub, where the fantastic nature is unparalleled in the Middle East, in the Dubai Hills Estate area, as it is a private world isolated from the outside world with unique service specifications that have achieved unrivaled luxury, this residential community in a strategic location that made it close to any destination within Dubai and only minutes away from it.

Services in Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

  • It is an integrated service system that is difficult to limit to a few lines, but you can unleash and be confident that anything with global specifications is available here.
  • Emaar conducts research studies on a continuous basis, which causes it to anticipate customers’ wishes and dreams, and it makes these dreams come true in its real estate projects, and here it has implemented this strategy within lime garden, and one of the most prominent services available in it:
  • Inside, the charming nature, seating, comfort, and all the elements of luxury were also provided.
  • Provide a wonderful leisure life for children, with a dedicated area for safe games.
  • There is also an unlimited edge pool, in which water flows from one or more edges to provide a comfortable and spacious swimming experience.
  • There are playgrounds for various sports, such as tennis, as well as walking, running, and cycling tracks.
  • A world-class healthcare facility with a wide range of specialties and cutting-edge technology.
  • A supermarket sells a wide range of food and household items.
  • Within the parks and designated parks, there are multiple entertainment areas for both adults and children.
  • High-level parking lots that can accommodate as many cars as possible.
  • A security and guard system outfitted with the most advanced security devices and surveillance cameras.
  • It is also close to a championship 18-hole golf course.

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لايم جاردن في دبي هيلز استيت Lime Garden

Lime Garden

Features of Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

  • A luxurious residential complex that reflects a new innovative architectural concept with magnificent and luxurious engineering specifications.
  • Beautiful nature, gardens, and parks that stretch for the length of the eye shine with vibrant green spaces, flowers, and various trees.
  • The complex was inaugurated by international standards and used the best building and construction materials available on the global market.
  • It is situated in the heart of the emirate of Dubai’s most prestigious amenities, the Dubai Hills Estate area.
  • The apartment spaces in Lime Garden are numerous and varied to meet the needs of customers.
  • Affordable installment and payment plans are available, making it simple for customers to pay for their units.

Types of units Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

This residential complex contains studios (one-bedroom apartments), two-bedroom apartments, and a three-bedroom apartment.

The area of each residential unit varies to suit different customers as if Emaar Properties wanted to provide a more significant opportunity for a broad segment of customers, which increased the spirit of competition in owning a unit within this exceptional world, which is one of Emaar Properties’ achievements. However, the opportunity is still open, but it may end soon, as with any unique opportunity.

Design of Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate project

The Lime Garden residential complex grew to include luxury towers with up to 23 floors of space, modern and appealing designs, and very creative and elegant internal and external facades. These towers are surrounded by charming nature, gardens, and parks, with vast areas occupying the majority of the project’s total area amid an integrated service system; here is an engineering innovation that has achieved a new world and luxurious living replete with boundless luxury.

This residential complex is linked to the Dubai Hills State area and has direct access to Dubai Hills Park via private corridors. Allow the residents to enjoy the freshness of nature in this charming green space. These towers came with luxurious designs that included various residential units that differed in their areas.

There are also additional benefits, such as: (direct purchase of the property from the real estate developer, the presence of entirely free consultation on WhatsApp, free booking, and investment in one minute).

The area of Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate project

The lime garden took up a large area to accommodate the massive residential towers built there and to provide wide green natural spaces that dominated the majority of the project area. These spaces are linked to the Dubai Hills State world, transforming the complex into a painting titled The Magic of Nature.

The area Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate project

  • The size of one-room residential apartments ranges from 645 square feet to 1616 square feet.
  • The size of the two-bedroom apartments ranges from 954 square feet to 1321 square feet.
  • The size of the three-room apartments ranges from 1387 square feet to 2195 square feet.

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لايم جاردن في دبي هيلز استيت Lime Garden

Lime Garden

Prices for Lime Garden in Dubai Hills estate

When Emaar announced the prices of residential apartments within Lime Garden Dubai Hills Estate, it surprised everyone. Despite the luxury and creativity of this residential complex, the prices were competitive, and the payment systems appeared to most customers to be comfortable.

Studio units begin at AED 1,120,888, two-bedroom apartments start from AED 1,639,888, and three-bedroom units begin at AED 2,864,888.

Payment plan and payment methods

The customer pays the unit reservation amount of 10% of the apartment price, with the condition that 10% of the unit value is paid in installments of 70% of the unit value from the first to the seventh installment, and the remaining 20% is upon receipt of the unit.