Levanto Residences is your ideal choice if you dream of living in a quiet, distinguished community, which was established by Oro24 real estate company, which allows you to live a warm family lifestyle, as the project consists of elegant and luxurious apartments characterized by a variety of internal unit spaces, in addition to containing artificial intelligence technologies. To control the lighting and operation systems, and simulate the European and international model in terms of quality and accuracy of construction in cooperation with the most important and famous design experts, and it also contains all facilities and services such as swimming pools, elevators, security personnel, maintenance, and cleaning services.

About Levanto Residences

  • Project Name: Levanto Residences.
  • About the project: Elegant apartments in one of the most prestigious and vital areas in Dubai, as it is distinguished by the splendor of designs and accuracy in details.
  • Project Location: The apartments are located in Jumeirah Village Circle within the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Project area: The developer was keen to exploit large areas to implement apartments at the highest level.
  • Units Space: the units start from 665.96 square feet.
  • Unit Types: a townhouse consisting of one, two, or three bedrooms.
  • The developer: Oro24 Real Estate Company.
  • Payment systems: 15% reservation down payment and installments are paid until 2029.

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ليفانتو ريزيدنس Levanto Residences

Levanto Residences

About Oro24 real estate company

Oro24 Real Estate is the developer of the Levanto Residences apartments project. The company’s headquarters is in the emirate of Dubai. It is characterized by a future vision and provides the best investment solutions, as it contains a group of designers and architects who are skilled in implementing the smallest building details.

The company is distinguished by its participation in many real estate businesses in the hotel, apartment, and business sectors. In addition, it offers one of the best infrastructure designs based on artificial intelligence technologies and is keen to provide an element of quality and luxury within its residential projects.

Previous work of Oro24 real estate company

Oro24 Real Estate Company is implementing the Torino Apartments project in Arjan, Dubai, as well as the Levanto project in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Location of Levanto Residences

The developer has been keen to choose a distinguished and strategic location within the city of Dubai to attract the interest of customers and investors, and it is also easy for residents to reach the specified destination within a few minutes.

Levanto Residences is located near many entertainment centers, shopping malls, international schools, central parks, the finest coastal beaches, and others, and the nearby places of the project are as follows:

  • The project is 25 minutes away from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • Bloom World Academy is just 15 minutes away.
  • Repton School is 15 minutes away.
  • Dubai Hills Mall is 25 minutes away.
  • Marina Mall is 25 minutes away from the apartments.
  • The Saudi German Hospital is 15 minutes away.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence, 25 minutes away.

Services in Levanto Residence

The developer company has provided a range of exceptional services and facilities that give you comfort and enjoyment with high privacy. Examples of these services include:

  • Designing a world-class bowling alley.
  • A squash table and a chess arena for sports lovers.
  • An indoor golf area.
  • Allocating an area on the roof of the building that includes a large cinema screen to spend an enjoyable time.
  • Designing a huge swimming pool of 22 meters in length to enjoy the summer atmosphere.
  • Building a health club that includes a Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, and steam room to relax and get rid of stress. There is also a family Jacuzzi.
  • Center halls are dedicated to businessmen, which include many devices and video and imaging equipment, and are equipped with advanced technologies to facilitate the holding of conferences or seminars.
  • Allocating a large area for parties and events.
  • A children’s play area, along with a low-depth swimming pool for children.
  • Provide a multimedia and gaming area to enjoy with friends.
  • Surveillance cameras work professionally in addition to trained guards to stand at the entrances and exits of the building.
  • Panoramic stairs and elevators for quick and easy movement inside the building.
  • Landscapes, gardens, and green spaces surround the units to maintain privacy.
ليفانتو ريزيدنس Levanto Residences

Levanto Residences

Features of Levanto Residences

Oro24 real estate company offers us a project that gives clients a set of advantages, including the following:

  • A distinguished geographical location, and extreme accuracy in selecting engineering designs that inspire sophistication and emulate the international style.
  • Townhouse units of different sizes, for the opportunity to choose the appropriate unit.
  • Artificial intelligence techniques to operate the units.
  • A very reasonable price per meter, with many payment and installment options and systems.
  • A distinct view of surrounding the apartments with a group of stunning and impressive landscapes.

Types of units within Levanto Residences

The units vary in terms of the number of bedrooms for the customer to choose the unit that matches his family’s needs and time:

  • One-bedroom units.
  • Residential units consisting of two bedrooms.
  • There are also residential units consisting of 3 bedrooms.

Design of Levanto Residences

The company’s management contracted with experts and designers to choose engineering designs that mimic the international style and paid attention to the smallest construction details that give the apartments high levels of privacy and comfort.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important features of the project design, where you can control the residential unit remotely, specifically in the lighting systems and operating units of the apartments, as the units are designed in a modern European style.

The coordination of colors and furniture gives you a sense of distinction and sophistication, as the designers relied on choosing calm colors that tend to be cheerful, in addition to that, there is a clear diversity in the interior space of the apartments to suit all the requirements of customers and investors.

The area of Levanto Residences

The project is elegant and luxurious apartments located within Jumeirah Village Circle. The company has allocated a vast area that helps implement all the facilities and services to be provided within the project. A large part of the space was allocated to green spaces, gardens, and facilities, and this allows everyone to live in a quiet and distinguished community.

The area of ​​the units of Levanto Residences

The diversity of the Levanto Residences units in terms of the interior space and the way the rooms are distributed, the spaces available for the residential units are as follows:

  • One-room townhouses ranging in size from 647.77 to 665.96 square feet.
  • While the area of the two-bedroom townhouse ranges from 888.77 to 979.30 square feet.
  • The area of the 3-bedroom townhouse ranges from 1288.54 to 1288.54 square meters.

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ليفانتو ريزيدنس Levanto Residences

Levanto Residences

Prices for Levanto Residences

The prices of Levanto Residences apartments depend on the internal area, where the price per square foot is 1,312 AED, and therefore the prices of the apartments are as follows:

  • • Units consisting of one room, the price ranges from 873,684 to 900,000 AED.
  • • While two-bedroom units are priced at AED 1,157,895.
  • • The price of 3-bedroom units ranges from 1,736,842 to 1,684,211 AED.

Payment systems and payment methods

Oro24 real estate company provided a wide variety of payment options, convenient installments over long periods to facilitate customers and investors, and installment and payment options as follows:

1_ The first option

  • Paying a reservation advance of 20% of the total price of the housing unit.
  • Pay 1% monthly, starting from January 2023 to the end of October 2025.
  • Upon completion of construction in November 2025, the customer will pay 2% of the total remaining price.
  • After the completion of the construction, the customer pays 1% monthly, starting from December 2025 to the end of July 2029.

2_ The second option

  • Advance payment of 10% booking initiative.
  • Then, the customer pays 5% of the rest of the amount during March 2023.
  • Continue and pay 5% of the remaining amount in July 2023.
  • Follow up in November 2023, and pay 5% of the remaining amount.
  • Then he will follow up by paying 5% of the rest of the amount in March 2024.
  • In July 2024, the customer pays 5% of the remaining amount.
  • During July 2024, the customer pays 5% of the remaining amount.
  • Also in November 2024, the customer pays 5% of the remaining amount.
  • In March 2025, the customer pays 5% of the remaining amount.
  • 1% is paid monthly, starting from December 2025 to the end of March 2029.