Gemz Apartments from Danube Real Estate, offers to anyone looking for a distinguished style of luxurious living in Dubai, a dream housing unit, and the Gemz apartment project, the real estate development company Danube, has chosen to choose a distinctive location, where it is located in the Al Farjan area, to offer high-end enthusiasts what they are looking for in residential unit.F

The project was distinguished by the diversity of its housing units, in addition to its areas, and a large range of services and features, in addition to competitive prices and payment systems and installment periods that cannot be competed with, and this is a residential community for a sophisticated family gathering.

Overview of Gemz apartments from Danube Real Estate

  • Project Name: Gemz Apartments from Danube Real Estate.
  • About the Project: A luxurious residential complex distinguished by its elegance and comfort for all customers, it provides a collection of distinctive residential units with varied and comprehensive services.
  • Project Location: Al Farjan area in Dubai.
  • Unit Types: Studio Units – Luxury Residential Apartments – Duplex Units.
  • Unit Area: Starting from 1235.27 square feet.
  • Unit Cash Price: Starting from 1,313,000 AED.
  • Developing Company: Danube Real Estate Development Company.
  • Payment Systems: A flexible installment system starting with only 10% down payment.
  • Instalment Years: Extended up to 3 years.

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شقق جيمز Gemz by Danube

Gemz by Danube

A brief about Danube Real Estate Development Company

Danube Real Estate Company was able to build bridges of trust with its customers by providing high quality benefits, whether in the choice of building materials or in the designs it offers to all customers.

This is what the company has been striving for since its first day in the real estate market in 1993.

The company has offered many types of projects, exceeding eighteen projects, belonging to the first degree of projects.

The majority of the residential units delivered are fully furnished and ready for immediate occupancy.

Danube Real Estate Company’s prior work experience

The most important projects that Danube Real Estate Company has undertaken in Dubai Emirate, include:

  • The distinctive residential project, Olivez Apartments, is one of the exceptional projects launched by Danube Real Estate Company and considered as a residential gem that has added noticeable beauty to Dubai Emirate.
  • Wavez Residence Apartments project, these apartments are among the projects that offer luxurious hotel-like lifestyle.
  • The distinguished project, Elitez Residence Jets, is also among the unique and luxurious residential projects of its kind.

Location of the Gemz apartment project from Danube Real Estate

Danube Real Estate company learned well that the location is the most important factor to attract customers from investors and individuals.

Therefore, it chose the Gemz apartments project in Farjan area, which perfectly suits family residency, because it provides a non-traditional experience of modern lifestyle.

The project is close to main roads such as Al Habab road and Asail street and exceptional recreational areas such as Green Community Village and Deskeri Garden, and the distinguished industrial area of Ali’s mountain.

شقق جيمز Gemz by Danube

Gemz by Danube

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Services and amenities of Gemz apartments

Gemz apartments from Danube Real Estate boast an exceptional collection distinguished by the luxury of quality to provide a comfortable and sophisticated experience for the customer always seeking it and aspiring for it.

In addition to basic services that provide the ultimate comfort and entertainment activities inside and outside the residential unit, Some of the important services and features provided by the developer company for its clients are:

  • Adequate number of rooms have been designated for playing billiards, which is a favorite game of businessmen and investors from the elite society, this is in addition to the allocation of halls and centers for holding international company conferences and also specialized centers for serving businessmen and investors.
  • The developer’s eagerness to implement the exceptional Gazebo service for all unit owners.
  • Inside the Gemz apartment complex by Danube Real Estate, a collection of specialized sports courts were found for playing tennis, golf, and other sports that require large areas.
  • If you can obtain a residential unit inside the Gemz apartment complex by Danube Real Estate, then you are guaranteed the service of staying in Dubai, with all the benefits included in this service.

Design and areas and types of Gemz apartments units

The Gemz apartments were designed by Danube Properties, in a way that fits with the amazing upscale lifestyle in luxury, and the developing company has taken care to allocate space that provides this project with distinction and brilliance in the Dubai real estate world.

It has a modern design with an amazing interior decor that includes breathtaking panoramic views in Dubai.

The largest area of this project was allocated for the tranquil view, which is exclusively enjoyed by the unit owner through their private terrace.

The units were varied to include luxurious apartments, contemporary studios, and distinguished duplex units, with amazing interior decor.

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شقق جيمز Gemz by Danube

Gemz by Danube

Prices, reservation systems, payment and installment plans for Gemz apartments

Danube Real Estate company was able to offer its customers prices within reach of various material capabilities, if compared to all services and features, we will find that they are very low.

The unit price, which has an area of 1235.27 square feet to 1447.10 square feet, has started from 1,313,000 to 1,550,000 AED.

Regarding the residential unit area starting from 1596.07 square feet to 1818.24 square feet, the price ranges from 1,744,000 to 1,827,000 AED, all prices are subject to change based on global economic changes. As for payment systems and installment plans, they are as follows:

  • The client makes the first installment at the time of booking the residential unit and pays only 10% of the total unit value.
  • The second installment comes during the construction period, and the client pays an amount equal to 50% of the total unit value.
  • The final installment, in which the client pays only 1% of the remaining value to own the residential unit for up to 40 months, takes place after the project is fully constructed, starting from April 2025 and ending in July 2028.