Fay Al Reeman Villas is a prestigious luxury residential project that includes 554 stand-alone villas varying between 3 & 4 & 5 & 4-bedroom ones customized exclusively for the Emirates and GCC citizens; Fay Al Reeman is a lavish Emirati modern community dominated by Arab Gulf luxury, welcoming every part of its upscale citizens’ life.

About Fay Al Reeman Villas By Aldar In Al Shamkha

This residential complex, Fay Al Reeman Villas, achieves the wide life that each Emarati citizen needs, as it extends over an area of 4.2 million square meters, the GFA of the units ranging from 3,239 sq. ft to 5,360 sq. ft, which means customizing enough living space for large families with children and the luxury life, which rejoice the spaciousness and breadth accompanied by the purity of green flourish areas, as well as a varied collection of large-spaced community facilities.

A harmonious engineering layout brightened with the amazing colors of nature as wide green space embraces brilliant blue water bodies and vibrant flowery gardens, and in the midst of this charm, luxurious villas with multiple exterior ingenious facades shine, varying into units with Mediterranean, modern Arabic, and contemporary designs, with adding for all of those properties  Emarati-styled touches in an amazing combination make Fay El reeman as a world of architectural wonders.

This residential community abounds with endless amenities and an entertainment system that fits the value of the authentic Emirati citizen and offers those Villas with different heights and modern interior rich decorations suiting Gulf lavishness and the allure of exterior facades.

Some Info About Fay Al Reeman Villas

  • The Name of the Project; Fay Al Reeman Villas.
  • About the Project; A glamorous residential community that offers luxury villas with rich deluxe decorations, customizable exclusively for Emiratis and citizens of GCC to live authentically and exceptionally in a vast modern lavish lifestyle with endless amenities amid wide magical natural spaces.
  • The Location of the Project; Al Shamkha district near Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • The Area Size; is 4.2 million square meters.
  • The Living Space; Starts from 3239 square feet.
  • The Types of Units; 3&4&5&6-bedrooms stand-alone villas.
  • The Developer; Aldar Properties.
  • The Methods of Payment; 10% on booking.

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فلل فيْ الريمان Fay Alreeman Villas

Fay Alreeman Villas

About The Developer

Aldar Properties is the developer of Fay Al Reeman Villas, a leading real estate company in the UAE, is Since its establishment in 2005, it has set out to establish thriving communities and lively neighborhoods and has created the most attractive destinations in Abu Dhabi, including; Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, and Al Reem Island.

By 2020, it was classified as the largest real estate company in the United Arab Emirates, with an estimated market value of 19.97 billion dirhams after its shares rose by 15 percent. Aldar Developer, establishing more than 5200 residential units, its pioneering role extends through the real estate world to resonate not just locally in UAE  but also globally.

About The Most Famous Properties by Aldar Developer

  • Alghadeer.
  • Saadiyat Island.
  • Khalidiya Village.
  • Saadiyat Beach.
  • Al Bateen Park.
  • Yas Island.
  • Oyoun Village.
  • Khalidiya Village.

The Location of Fay Al Reeman Villas

As mentioned previously, Fay Al Reeman Villas is located in Al Shamkha, which is adjacent to the Mussafah Industrial Zone. So this community is within proximity to Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road, which is one of the main highways in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, multiple bus stations can be found within a 20-minute walk of this compound, such as Tawi Al Khusous St/Jamla Mohamed Al Muhairbi Mosque and Tawi Al Khusoub St/Al Ranhal St, among others.

Also, it will take about half an hour to reach the most famous academic facilities, as well as cafes and restaurants in Abu Dhabi. These important destinations include;  Al Jazira Academic, Mohammad Bin Al Qasim School, Al Jazira Football Academy, Tea Plaza, Noor Al Fajr Cafeteria, and Al Barza.

You will be near Al Shamkha Mall, Makani Al Shamkha Mall, Al Shamkha Nursery, Barney Home Nursery, Al Shamkha Nursery, Al Jeel Kindergarten, Bonat Al Ghad Kindergarten, and much more.

Within a 5-minute drive, it is possible to access the most significant medical institutions, including Dr. Mustta and Sama Hospital Shamkha.

Yas Island, the top attraction in Abu Dhabi and the most important tourist site,  is just 25 minutes away from this community; Yas is home to a range of record-breaking theme parks and houses SeaWorld, with the world’s largest aquarium.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi’s mainland is slightly over half an hour away by car.

The Amenities and Facilities

  • Shopping center.
  • Cycling tracks.
  • Restaurants, and Cofee Shop.
  • Schools.
  • BBQ areas.
  • Outdoor children’s play area.
  • Private parks.
  • Common gardens for the residents.
  • Parking.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Tennis Court.
  • Squash Court.
  • Mosque.
  • Basketball court.
  • Co-working spaces.
  • Jogging tracks.
  • Aqua Park.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Security.
  • Luxurious seating in spacious flourishing gardens.

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فلل فيْ الريمان Fay Alreeman Villas

Fay Alreeman Villas

The Uniqueness and Advantages

  • Luxury Villas with vast spaces, rich, lavish decoration, and charming facades with multiple designs of Mediterranean, modern Arabic, and contemporary styles, with adding architectural touches inspired by Arab Gulf luxury and Emirati authenticity spirit.
  • A customized deluxe residential community exclusively for Emirati and GCC citizens, where they can live a rich, splendid wide lifestyle suits the Arab Gulf families.
  • A great space is dedicated to this great A-class residential community, Fay Al Reeman Villas, as it takes an area of 4.2 million square meters to establish wide-sized facilities, endless amenities, vast multiple gardens, large pure blue water bodies, and private parks as well as  554 stand-alone villas with 3/4/5/6-bedrooms.
  • The GFA of the properties is so spacious, ranging from 3,239 sq. ft to 5,360 sq. ft.
  • Each unit enjoys the appealing landscape view of the Fay Al Reeman compound.
  • Perfect location near all the needed destinations, from the shopping centers and top Abu Dhabi attractions to the schools, workplaces, and most famous health centers.

The Types of the Units

Stand-alone Villas with three /four/five/six bedrooms.

Architecture and Design

Fay Al Reeman has come with stunning engineering designs as the Villas lined up in a charming layout with various styles; some are inspired by the Mediterranean, and others with Mediterranean and Modern Arabic, while other properties are built with the styles combined the Mediterranean, Modern Arabic, and Contemporary; these villas made with various highest and different spacious sizes, arranging ingeniously. That creates a charming community with amazing residential units carrying a luxury Emirati authenticity spirit.

These exclusive Emarati properties are surrounded by an array of social infrastructure facilities, endless amenities, great unique entertainment services, water bodies, and wide green spaces, embracing the units in an alluring scene.

The Size Of  Fay Al Reeman Villas

On a great space of 4.2 million square meters, this Fay Al Reeman Villas compound has been built.

The Living Space

  • The size of the 3-bedroom Villas starts from 3,229.17 sq. ft.
  • The size of the 4-bedroom Villas starts from 4,068.76 sq. ft.
  • And the size of the 5-bedroom Villas starts from 4,983.69 sq. ft.
  • Also, the size of the 6-bedroom Villas starts from 5381.96 sq. ft.

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فلل فيْ الريمان Fay Alreeman Villas

Fay Alreeman Villas

The Prices Of  Fay Al Reeman Villas

  • The prices of three-bedroom villas in Al Raiman start from AED 2,700,000.
  • The prices of four-bedroom villas start from AED 3,300,000.
  • And the prices of five-bedroom villas start from AED 4,000,000.
  • The villas with six bedroom start from 4,500,0000 AED.

The Methods of Payment

The client can pay 10% on booking, 40% during construction, and 50%  upon delivery.