Elz Residence Apartments are among the massive residential projects launched by the real estate development company, Danube, in one of Dubai’s distinguished areas, Arjan.

The company was keen to choose this location to ensure that all unit owners have access to various means of comfort and luxury.

The company has presented the unit ownership prices within its project in a smooth and affordable manner that suits everyone.

The Arjan area, where Elz Residence apartments project is located, is characterized by its quiet rural atmosphere in Dubai.

The company has made sure to build the necessary infrastructure services for the project, so that its owners can enjoy all the basic services without facing any problems.

A brief about Elz Residences apartments

  • Project Name: Elz Residences Apartments.
  • Project Overview: Elz Residences is a large and distinctive residential project, characterized by its peaceful rural atmosphere and a wide range of integrated services and features, with highly competitive prices.
  • Location: Arjan area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Unit Types: Luxury residential apartments – studios.
  • Unit Area: Starting from 393.52 square feet.
  • Developer: Danube Properties, a real estate development company.
  • Cash Unit Price: Starting from  420,000 AED.
  • Payment Plans: Easy and unequal installment payments.
  • Installment Plan Duration: Up to 5 years.

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شقق إلز ريزدنس Elz Residence Apartments

Elz Residence Apartments

Overview of Danube Real Estate Development Company

Dubai-based real estate development company Danube was able to transform from a small company working in the field of real estate development in the United Arab Emirates to a large company that has reached global markets in the widest sense.

This is due to the giant projects that Danube presented, targeting the middle class in society.

Danube succeeded in achieving this goal by providing a luxurious service that enjoys all the means of comfort at a price suitable for this class, which no other real estate development company had paid attention to.

Danube Real Estate Development Company’s portfolio

The projects that we will be reviewing together are a living example of Danube Real Estate’s success in creating a distinguished community within the Emirate of Dubai. Among the most important of these projects are the following:

Gemz apartments

One of the distinguished projects executed by Danube Developments in Al Furjan area is an eco-friendly project designed in an elegant way to offer customers a range of studio units and luxurious residential apartments that may include one or two bedrooms and three bedrooms.

Dreamz apartments

As its name suggests, this residential project was able to fulfill its promise by enabling customers to own a residential unit in a luxurious and upscale environment.

Elz apartments location

The real estate development company has added a new aesthetic touch to the vibrant Arjan area located in the Emirate of Dubai by erecting its massive project, Elz Residence.

This area benefits from its commercial congestion, which ensures the provision of all services to the elegant project. The project directly overlooks Dubai’s green gardens and wide horizon.

The project is located in close proximity to all transportation networks.

It is only a few minutes away from the metro station, parking lot, and main stations. In addition, it is very close to Dubai International Airport. It is only four minutes away from the downtown area of Dubai.

This makes it one of the great entertainment projects that overlook all the vital areas.

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شقق إلز ريزدنس Elz Residence

Elz Residence

Services of Elz Residence apartments

The services provided by Danube, within the Elz Residence apartments, are a collection of amenities that provide comfort and relaxation for the owners of the units. The most important of these services are as follows:

  • The project includes a state-of-the-art health center, equipped with sauna rooms and Jacuzzis.
  • The company has also set aside large areas for commercial and other projects within its Elz Residence project to provide services to the owners of the units.
  • The Elz Residence apartments are equipped with all means of security and guard, managed by specialized international companies.
  • The entrance of the project includes reception services and receptionists to verify the identity of the visitor.
  • The project also provides distinguished medical and educational services.

Design and Types of Units in Elz Residence Apartment

Danube Developments has made sure that its extraordinary project, Elz Residence Apartments, is designed in an innovative way to satisfy all customers and their different tastes. These designs are suitable for small families, individuals, and also large families.

The interior designs of the apartments in the Elz Residence project are characterized by imported lighting units and wooden furniture manufactured by the Danube International Furniture Company.

The types of units in the Elz Residence apartment are distinguished by the luxurious residential apartments, which include one or two rooms according to the customer’s preference, in addition to studios that contain one room.

The customer can also divide the residential unit they choose according to their preference.

Elz Residence apartments area

Danube relied on a group of the most skilled design engineers to create their massive Elz Residence apartments, resulting in a distinct design that mimics the European countryside.

The company was able to provide enough vast space for the project’s construction. They also did not forget to leave the necessary spaces for successful investment projects.

The developer was keen to allocate the largest area for trees, gardens, and water bodies of all kinds, using only a very small proportion of the land for the project.

This creates a healthy community that relies more on stunning views and clean surroundings.

The residential units start at 393.52 square feet, providing sufficient space for each unit owner within the project.

two, or three rooms according to their needs.

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شقق إلز ريزدنس Elz Residence

Elz Residence

Prices and Booking and Payment Plans for Elz Apartments

The price of a unit with a cash payment system starts at 420,000 AED for a 393.52 sq. ft. area.

As for the payment plans and installment years, they are flexible and suitable for everyone, and are as follows:

  • The customer pays 10% as the first installment and down payment for the reservation.
  • The second installment comes after two months from the first payment, in which the customer pays 10%.
  • The third installment comes and the customer pays 10%.
  • The customer pays 10% as the fourth installment to own the unit within the project.
  • When the project is completed in terms of construction, the customer pays 40% as the fifth installment.
  • The sixth installment lasts for 60 months, during which the customer pays only 1% after the completion of the project.