Cavalli Couture Apartments is an upscale artistically-designed residential community located along the Dubai Canal in Al Safa Park. The 12-floor luxury development features an exclusive collection of 70 premium apartments varying from 3 to 5-bedroom flats and ultra-luxurious Penthouses with six bedrooms.

About Cavalli Couture Apartments By DAMAC

It is a life free of limitations within a magical world where opulence is unleashed, and the trappings of sophistication find the wildest forms of expression. That world has a name. One which blazes new trails through uncharted territories of refinement, glitz, and style. It is called Cavalli Couture!

Each residential unit in this luxury community located in the heart of Business Bay views luxuriously and enchantingly an unimaginable exceptional scene that combines the Safa Park, Dubai Water Canal, and the sparkling Gulf waters in one appealing landscape.

The Cavalli Couture project offers apartments with interior designs that take perfection and quality to even beyond the A-class; it is an ultra-Luxe segment and outstanding inspirations created due to a collaboration with the renowned fashion brand Cavalli.

Each unit has a private terrace that includes a private infinity-edge pool enjoying panoramic views, panoramic windows, and a rooftop recreation area allowing the residents of each unit to spend overwhelming exclusive times within atmospheres of calm and relaxation from sunrise to sunset.

Also, each apartment and penthouse include triple-height lobby ceilings decorated with glossy light ma, golden details, and oddly shaped décor. Luxurious soft sun loungers will be installed in the lounge area for captivating relaxation.

Cavalli Couture Apartments is surrounded by the most vibrant areas in Dubai, such as the Burj area, known for its world-famous landmarks, and the Jumeirah district. Minutes away from it, there are some of the city’s most important leisure and trendy destinations, such as City Walk, La Mer, and Jumeirah Beach.

Some Info About Cavalli Couture Apartments

  • The Name of the Project; Cavalli Couture Apartments.
  • About the Project; Cavalli couture is more than a place to live. It is a way of life inspired by one of Dubi’s most majestic natural environments. Each unit in this extraordinary deluxe community offers previously unseen panoramas of Safa Park’s trees, plants, and flower-lined pathways from one side that merge with a  sweeping vista of the Dubai canal, business bay crossing, and the tranquil waters of the gulf.
  • The Location of the Project; Dubai Water Canal at Al Safa park, Dubai.
  • The Area Size; A Large space to cover the various-sized units num and wide natural landscapes with endless amenities and uniqueness.
  • The Living Space; Starting from 4,300 to 8,750 Sq. Ft
  • The Types of Units; are 3 to 5-bedroom flats & 6-bedroom penthouses.
  • The Developer; Damac Properties.
  • The Methods of Payment; 20% down payment.

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شقق كافالي كوتور Cavalli Couture Apartments

Cavalli Couture Apartments

About The Developer of Cavalli Couture Apartments

DAMAC Properties is the developer of Cavalli Couture Apartments, One of the leading real estate companies in the middle east and throughout the globe, established in 2006.

Since then, it has founded brilliant architectural masterpieces and luxurious residential, commercial, and hoteling projects constructed on exceptional professional, accurate standards and with hard-to-be-replicated designs by any other foundation in the whole globe.

DAMC has decorated the land of many countries with those unexceptional projects that overlook the real estate development globe luxuriously and creatively, announcing a rare artistic kind of construction that offers a deluxe lifestyle; it has established projects in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Canada, the Maldives, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

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The Location of Cavalli Couture Apartments

Cavalli Couture has an exceptional location in the Safa Park area on the edge of the lavish community, Dubai Water Canal, in Business Bay’s heart.

Cavalli Couture Apartments is a few minutes away from the city center and only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Cavalli Couture Apartments is a few minutes away from the city center and only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Therefore, the community is near all aspects and forms of practical life, including working places, schools, and universities, despite being an entertainment world that provides a vacation atmosphere as a lifestyle.

It is also close to shopping centers and places of interest, including the Burj area, known as the Jumeirah district. So, the project is a few minutes away from the La Mer City Walk and Jumeirah Beach.

The Amenities of this Splendid Community In Al Safa Park

  • Private Recreation area with an astounding view.
  • Each unit has a private Terrace with an infinity-end pool that distinguishes with views of an overwhelming scene on Safa Park, Dubai Water Canal, and the romantic blue-sparkling Gulf waters to swim while enjoying an astonishing landscape.
  • Panoramic windows.
  • Restaurants.
  • Cafes.
  • Parking areas.
  • Malls & Supermarkets.
  • Panoramic glazing.
  • Pilates and yoga room.
  • SPA center.
  • Fitness room.
  • Common area with pool.
  • Gardens.
  • Kids’ area.
  • Running and walking routes amid the gardens.
  • Barbecue area.
  • Security.
  • Benches in the gardens.
  • Three lakes.
  • A tennis court.
  • An exhibition center.
  • Good transport accessibility.

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شقق كافالي كوتور Cavalli Couture Apartments

Cavalli Couture Apartments

The Advantages and Uniqueness of the Project

  • A glorious-artistic, exclusive exterior design of the building and the unique layout of the residences.
  • Panoramic views of the parkland, the canal, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and the sea horizon with the Burj Al Arab hotel for some of the apartments.
  • The rest of the apartments offer 180-degree views of the emirate’s center.
  • The walking area of this residential community is inside one of the city’s oldest parks, Safa Park.
  • Private recreation area with magical views and calming atmosphere.
  • Big terraces for each unit with private pools
  • Large round gardens for each unit.
  • Interior rich designs with height ceilings and a decoration distinguished with glossy light marble combined with golden details and elegant shaped décor.
  • Each apartment has Luxurious soft sun loungers for relaxation.
  • Unique location in the oldest garden in Dubai, Al Safa Park in Dubai Water Canal, near top Dubai landmarks, Dubai’s center, and most-known entertainment attractions.
  • Endless amenities and an unparalleled entertainment system are made for the residents of Cavalli Couture Apartments only.

The Types of the Units

Flats with 3 & 4 & 5 bedrooms and penthouses with six bedrooms.

Architecture and Design

The residences’ creative layout has created apartments offering 270-degree views of the parkland, the canal, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and the sea horizon with the Burj Al Arab hotel, and the rest of the apartments offer 180-degree views of the Emirate’s Center.

The Cavalli Couture brights amid the Al Safa facility with an unusual, charming artistic style, large round terraces, gardens, and infinitely-edge pools. The interior designs are made by well-known fashion houses, jewelry companies, fashion designers, and hotel brands, Roberto Cavalli,  making the decoration brilliant with upscale touches appearing like jewelry pieces.

A world of luxury and sophistication will surround you inside your unit, combining vibrant hues, precious textures, intricate patterns, and animal prints, while the extraordinary view and an extravagant exterior design with a glass facade that reflect the water surface.

The Size Of The Project

The Cavalli Couture Apartments has been built on a vast space that can accommodate multiple 12-story residential projects containing around 70 luxurious 3 to 5- bedroom flats as well as 6-bedroom penthouses, wide gardens, a fascinating landscape, a plethora of services, and endless contemporary amenities.

The Living Space

The space of the units ranges from 4,300 to 8,750 Sq. Ft; The three-room units start from 4,300 square feet, while the four-bedroom units start from 5,210 square feet, and the five-bedroom units start from 7,821 square feet.

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شقق كافالي كوتور Cavalli Couture Apartments

Cavalli Couture Apartments

The Prices Of The Cavalli Couture Apartments

The price per sq ft in Cavalli Couture Apartments starts from AED 3700, so the unit prices start from 16.5 million AED.

The Methods of Payment

Many comfortable payment plans for Cavalli Couture Apartments have been announced by The DAMAC development company. One of them is; the client can pay a 20% down payment (at the booking stage) and 70% during construction to pay 20%  upon delivery.