Canal Heights Apartments are one of the new luxurious residential projects launched by the major real estate development company, DAMAC, which has chosen the Dubai Canal area in the Emirate of Dubai for the project’s construction.

The apartments feature a waterfront facade, with a distinctive view of the Dubai Canal.

Thus, the project becomes one of the architectural additions that the company has implemented, providing a creative lifestyle.

Additionally, The Canal Heights Apartments project is characterized by its elegant global architectural style, offering unit owners a charming view and a glimpse of the sky’s horizon.

An overview of Canal Heights Apartments

  • Project Name: Canal Heights Apartments
  • Project Description: An exceptional project with a unique and global architectural design, featuring many stunning services and features, and considered one of the major projects offered by the DAMAC real estate company.
  • Project Location: Dubai Canal area in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Unit Type: Luxury residential apartments.
  • Unit Area: Ranging from 637 square feet to 3,992 square feet.
  • Developer: DAMAC Properties.
  • Cash Unit Price: Starting from 1,255,000 AED.
  • Payment Plans: Flexible and start with a down payment of only 20%.
  • Installment Years: Flexible and variable.
شقق كانال هايتس Canal Heights Apartments

Canal Heights Apartments

An overview of the real estate development company damac

Among the major real estate companies, which have chosen Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as their headquarters, the company has been registered in the Dubai International Market, to launch towards global expansion, where it has provided many residential, entertainment and commercial properties in most countries of the world.

Additionally, The company had projects that made it a distinctive name in this vast field, and perhaps one of its most famous projects ever is the Damac Lagoons project, which consists of eight residential projects, connected only by lakes.

Economic experts considered this project as one of the difficult ones to replicate in the future, as for the most important projects that the company has implemented, they are as follows:

Previous projects of Damac developments

  • Damac Lagoons in Dubai.
  • Damac hills.
  • Create a huge ice-skating park in London.
  • Launch the first artificial wave lakes in the UAE.
  • The Cavalli Towers located in Dubai Marina, which provide a high-end lifestyle.
  • Creating Cavalli resorts in Miami.

Location of Canal Heights Apartments

The Damac Properties group has chosen a prime location in the Dubai Canal area to establish its Canal Heights apartment project.

Specifically, the project is located in the Dubai International Financial Centre, which is one of the commercial centers that houses a variety of residential and commercial towers.

Additionally, This makes the project directly overlook the prestigious Dubai Canal. Additionally, the project is located in close proximity to key and prominent areas, making it easily accessible, and the most important nearby areas include:

The places near Canal Heights Apartments

  • The project is located close to all water transportation methods.
  • Canal Heights apartments are situated directly on Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as Khalil Street and Marasi Drive.
  • The project directly overlooks the Jumeirah Living area, which is one of the areas connected to the center of Dubai Emirate.

The design, area, and types of units inside Canal Heights Apartments

Canal Heights project has taken on a global character, thanks to the collaboration between the real estate development company Damac and the renowned Italian brand, De Grisogono.

From the very beginning, the project has captured the attention of customers, as it has been designed to harmonize with the Dubai Water Canal.

The project consists of two towers with an industrial water base, featuring some of the most popular entertainment activities in the world.

Additionally, It includes a water parking area, so that customers can move around with the utmost comfort and ease.

As for the units, they are diverse within the Canal Heights project, including studio units and luxurious apartments consisting of one to four rooms, depending on the customer’s desired layout for their upscale residential unit

Services and features of Canal Heights Apartments

The real estate development company, Damac, has provided a range of distinctive features and exceptional services to enchant the hearts of its customers.

Additionally, The units have been equipped with all possible means of comfort, allowing customers to express their personalities in their own unique way. Among the most important services and features provided by the company are the following:

  • The largest underwater museum of pearls and gemstones was created within the Canal Heights apartment.
  • The project also includes an infinity beach and artificial pools, which take the shape of a seashell underwater.
  • The project offers the largest number of environmentally-friendly parks, safe walking and horse-riding paths.
  • The project includes the largest area of restaurants and cafes from various parts of the world.
  • The security system within the Canal Heights apartments is fully integrated to the highest degree.
  • Damac has made sure to provide a range of mosques for performing religious obligations.
شقق كانال هايتس Canal Heights Apartments

Canal Heights Apartments

Prices, reservation, payment, and installment systems for units in Canal Heights Apartments

The large real estate development company, DAMAC, always strives to offer competitive prices that it uses to compete with itself in its projects.

This is because it does not accept competition with other companies, despite all the exceptional features and global entertainment activities it offers within its projects.

Also, The unit price for Canal Heights apartments with instant payment starts from 1,255,000 AED, with discounts offered for early bookings.

As for payment plans and installment periods, they are characterized by flexibility and ease, allowing individuals to enjoy this exceptional lifestyle within Canal Heights apartments. The payment plans are as follows:

  • The customer pays 20% as a booking deposit upon contract signing.
  • During the project construction period, the customer pays 60% of the remaining amount.
  • When the customer receives their residential unit inside Canal Heights apartments, they pay the remaining 20%.
  • The residential units are fully finished with furniture, but if the customer wishes to customize the unit layout and furniture, this can be done in cooperation with the developer company.