Bayz Apartments is one of the elegant residential projects offered by the international real estate development company, Danube.

It’s a collection of luxurious housing units that offer a new concept of luxury living, featuring contemporary classic furnishings and access to distinctive global facilities.

The real estate developer, Danube, ensured that this project is in the best location in Dubai, as it chose the vibrant area of Business Bay, which is home to many major arteries, road networks, and transportation systems that have been implemented to the highest quality standards.

A brief about Bayz Apartments

  • Project Name: Bayz Apartments.
  • Project Description: A luxurious large residential project in the Business Bay area of Dubai, featuring high-end international services and amenities.
  • Location: Business Bay, Dubai.
  • Unit Types: Luxury residential apartments – studios.
  • Unit Size: Starting from 406.98 square feet.
  • Developer: Danube Properties.
  • Price per square foot: Starting from 1,880 AED.
  • Cash Unit Price: Starting from 765,000 AED.
  • Payment Plans: Flexible, starting from a 10% down payment of the total value.
  • Installment Duration: Extends up to 7 years.

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شقق بايز Bayz by Danube

Bayz by Danube

Danube International Real Estate Development Company

One of the main features of the real estate development company Danube is its introduction of a new concept in luxury living. However, the company always focuses on middle-income earners and in order to reach them while offering the new luxury concept at the lowest possible cost, the company has taken on the task of implementing large projects according to its own vision, providing all the comforts at very comfortable prices and plans.

This is what Danube Real Estate Development has been keen on since its establishment, which also made it expand from the United Arab Emirates to many other countries in the Middle East and Asia, where it was able in a short period of no more than thirty years to establish a large number ofimportant and massive projects in these regions spread around the world.

Danube Real Estate Development Company’s previous projects

  • Resorts Project:

This luxurious and massive project has an elegant design.

  • Miraclz Project:

It is a massive residential project that truly makes the owners of the units discover the wonders created by the real estate development company Danube within this project.

  • Gemz project:

This residential project is characterized as one of the modern, environmentally-friendly residential projects.

It is currently under construction, and it features an exceptionally elegant design. It contains a variety of housing units.

Bayz apartment Project Location

The developing company, Danube International, has chosen a highly distinguished area in Dubai, the Business Bay area, which is characterized by many features that have made it one of the most important areas ever.

It is an area that has managed to connect central Dubai with many outstanding services.

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شقق بايز Bayz by Danube

Bayz by Danube

The places near the Bayz apartment project

  • The project is located near the Dubai Mall, the global shopping center.
  • It is only a two-minute walk from Bayz project to the  Khalifa’ tower.
  • Owners of Bayz units can enjoy open shopping centers and international restaurants in the same area.
  • Bayz is located close to Dubai’s most important landmarks, including the global city.
  • The project directly overlooks the enchanting Dubai Water Canal.

Design, types of units, and spaces within the Bayz project

Danube Real Estate Company always strives to showcase its project designs in a dazzling manner that attracts investors and individuals to own residential units within them.

This is what made its Bayz project emerge in this elegant global form.

The company was able to provide this massive project with sufficient space for its execution, as it was planned on paper.

The existing residential units within the project have reached a total of 456 units, so that customers can find the luxury units they are looking for within it.

The types of units are divided into luxury residential apartments and studios, and it is worth mentioning that some of the residential apartments have one bedroom and others have two bedrooms.

Services and features of the Bayz apartments project

Danube real estate development company has introduced a range of global services and features to offer to its individual and investor clients.

Some of the most important of these services include the following:

  • Owners of residential units within the project will find a wide range of educational services, including international universities and schools from around the world.
  • Providing a range of international hospitals and specialized medical centers that offer medical services to unit owners.
  • Security and guarding service is available within the project down to the smallest details, starting from the gates and the presence of security personnel. As for securing the tower, the development company has not disclosed these systems to maintain the confidentiality of the system.
  • The Bayz residential tower consists of 28 distinguished floors, and perhaps this towering height has given it the advantage of stunning panoramic views that people need to renew their energy.
  • Danube Real Estate Development Company has used the latest global corporate systems to provide excellent periodic maintenance and cleaning services.

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شقق بايز Bayz by Danube

Bayz by Danube

Prices of Bayz Apartments Units

Danube Real Estate Development Company ensured that the prices for owning residential units in its largest project, Bayz, are within the financial capabilities of its customers and investors, as the price for owning units starts from 765,000 AED

The price is unbeatable given the project’s features, services, design, and ideal location. The price of a unit with an area of 872.52 square feet is 1,520,000, AED while the price of a unit with an area of 1147.32 square feet is 1,745,000 AED.

Payment and settlement systems for Bayz Apartments

The payment and settlement plans have enjoyed great flexibility, as follows:

  • The customer pays only 10% as a first installment for the first payment.
  • The second installment comes after the project’s construction is completed, and the customer pays 20% as a second installment.
  • The third installment is divided into 70 months, during which the customer pays 1% monthly.
  • The customer can move into their unit within the Bayz Apartments project after six months of signing the contract and paying the first installment as mentioned.