The luxurious classic Riviera community offers you the second phase of the Azizi Riviera project in an exceptional geographical location within Mohammed Bin Rashid City in the Al-Midan area. A comfortable life in one of the most prestigious cities in the emirate, Dubai.

The residential units are equipped with modern security devices to deal with fires, there are elevators, swimming pools, security personnel, gyms, health clubs, etc., in addition to setting a competitive price per square foot and flexible and convenient payment systems.

About Azizi Riviera

  • Project Name: Azizi Riviera.
  • About the project: The second phase of mid-rise residential units for the largest real estate development companies in Dubai.
  • Project Location: the units are located in the Meydan area of Mohammed Bin Rashid City within the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Project area: a huge area of land allocated for the design of luxury apartments of medium height.
  • Units Space: the units start from 403.11 square feet.
  • Unit Types: studio apartments _ one-room apartments _ two-room apartments _ 3-room apartments.
  • The developer: Azizi Developments.
  • Payment systems: 10% down payment, and installments until 100% of the construction stages are completed.

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عزيزي ريفيرا Azizi Riviera

Azizi Riviera

About Azizi Developments

The Azizi Riviera project is being built under the implementation of Azizi Developments. The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. Since its establishment, it has delivered thousands of housing units that it supervised its implementation.

Azizi Developments offers luxurious and ideal projects in various areas such as elegant apartments, hotels, and villas, as well as its active participation in the implementation of a group of successful projects in the commercial sector. The company’s privileges are represented in its selection of strategic and desirable locations in Dubai to attract the attention of customers and investors.

Previous work of Azizi Developments

She has previously supervised the implementation of a group of successful projects in different sectors, and among the most famous current and previous projects of the company are the following:

  • Beach Oasis Apartments.
  • Riviera Beach Front.
  • Azizi Riviera project, first phase.
  • Azizi Star Apartments.
  • Azizi Berton project.
  • Apartments Riviera Reef.
  • A 3-bedroom penthouse for sale in Azizi Mina.
  • Azizi Plaza Apartments.

Location of Azizi Riviera

The Azizi Riviera project is located in the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Meydan area.

The project units overlook the most important marine landmarks, and the company is racing to present a project worthy of a luxurious life within the city of Dubai. The geographical location is distinguished by its proximity to the most important main destinations in Dubai such as malls, shopping stores, health institutions, and important educational centers, and among the places near the Azizi Riviera project :

  • Proximity to Al Midan Street.
  • Buildings in contact with Business Bay.
  • Also within walking distance of Al Nakheel Street.
  • The apartments also overlook directly Sheikh Bin Zayed Road.
  • 20 minutes to reach Circle Mall.
  • Downtown Dubai, is 15 minutes away.
  • Palm Jumeirah is about 25 minutes away from the project site.

Services in Azizi Riviera

The company competes to provide all the services, amenities, and luxury that everyone wants, and the list of services provided by the real estate developer includes the following:

  • Security services are represented in surveillance cameras and a trained security force to guard the entire unit.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance, as the real estate development company, contracted with one of the largest companies, to be responsible for conducting periodic maintenance operations and taking care of the cleanliness of buildings.
  • There are swimming pools for adults and others for children with low depths.
  • Establishment of the exceptional Bauchi region.
  • There are outdoor spaces suitable for practicing meditation, relaxation, and yoga.
  • Tracks for cycling, walking, and jogging.
  • There are bodies of water that suggest joy and pleasure.
  • An outdoor lounge area for watching movies.
  • Delightful green gardens with benches to sit and enjoy the natural atmosphere.
  • There are clubs and health centers to practice sports.
  • Allocate an area for breeding pets.
  • There are health clinics to relax in the spa baths, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Building many sports courts for practicing football, tennis, squash, and others.
  • There are elevators and stairs equipped on a global level.
  • Dining areas in the best international restaurants and cafes.
عزيزي ريفيرا Azizi Riviera

Azizi Riviera

Features of Azizi Riviera

The second phase of the Azizi project in Mohammed bin Rashid City, Al-Midan area, includes a set of features as follows:

  • Elegant and luxurious apartments in one of the most important residential cities in Dubai.
  • The strategy and skill in choosing the location due to its proximity to educational institutions, malls, hospitals, clubs, and the famous entertainment areas in Dubai, and connection to the most important streets and central axes.
  • Cooperation with the most important designers and engineers in the Middle East.
  • Enjoy the picturesque natural atmosphere thanks to the green spaces and water bodies.
  • Competitive prices cannot be replaced again compared to the available services and facilities.
  • Facilitation and flexibility in paying the total unit price on a 30/70 basis until the date of receipt.

Types of units within Azizi Riviera

The Azizi Riviera project contains a group of different units as follows:

  • Studio.
  • One-bedroom apartments.
  • Two-bedroom attached apartments are also available.
  • The apartments consist of 3 bedrooms.

Design of Azizi Riviera

The project’s apartments are designed in the French Mediterranean style for sophistication and luxury of life. Azizi Developments offers a unique model of comfortable apartments distinguished by the ingenuity of design, and the difference in colors and spaces that make you enter a multicultural community and customs.

Azizi Developments seeks to continue in the race track to attract the largest class of investors and clients by offering apartments whose surroundings are scenic gardens, water bodies, and green spaces that captivate all senses, and of course the implementation of all standards of quality and accuracy in construction under the supervision of the world’s most important engineers and designers.

The area of Azizi Riviera

The second phase of the Azizi Developments project, the project consists of 4 phases that are being implemented within 13 distinct areas in the city of Dubai. Green spaces and water bodies are an essential part of the design of this project.

Huge and vast spaces have been allocated to create a classic community under the name of Azizi Riviera, and the second phase of the project was implemented in a very large area within Mohammed Bin Rashid City in the Meydan area.

The area of ​​the units of Azizi Riviera

The internal space of the units is different as follows:

  • Studios start from 410.65 square feet up to 403.11 square feet.
  • One-room apartments start from 676.52 to 904.93 square feet.
  • While the area of two-bedroom apartments starts from 757.57 to 1367.89 square feet.
  • As well as apartments that contain 3 bedrooms, the space starts from 926.89 to 1806.09 square feet.

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عزيزي ريفيرا Azizi Riviera

Azizi Riviera

Prices for Azizi Riviera

Competitive prices cannot be obtained elsewhere, as the company announced an ideal price per square foot of AED 1,359, and the prices of residential units are as follows:

  • Studios, prices start from 548,000 to 634,000 AED.
  • One-room apartments, prices start from 791,000 to 1,046,000 AED.
  • While the price of two-bedroom apartments starts from 1,050,000 to 1,359,000 AED.
  • The prices of 3-bedroom apartments start from 1,235,000 to 1,576,000 AED.

Payment systems and payment methods

You do not have to worry, as Azizi Developments offers flexible and easy installment and payment systems as follows:

  • Deposit an amount of 10% of the unit price for the seriousness of the reservation.
  • During construction, the customer pays 20% of the total unit price.
  • Paying the remaining 70% of the unit price upon receipt, completing 100% of the construction stages.